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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

wearing the halter

I didn't go outside when I was a little kitten, or when I first came to live with Lynettea.
I went outside on 8 July 2013 for the first time. That is outside my enclosure, on the halter. I remember the sky was very big and blue overhead and I felt overwhelmed. I kept rolling over and lying down. Lynettea thought there was something wrong with my legs. She even asked My Vet, Dr Andrew.
He laughed and said, 'All the cats do that at first.' And he looked at my strong legs and said there was nothing wrong with them.
In a couple of days, I was quite confident and after that I have taken Lynettea out on most days. If it is raining, we don't walk in the rain. I sometimes even go out at night, especially when it is hot in the summer.
We walk in our own place and sometimes go out into the street to inspect the car tyres, fences and clumps of bushes.
Summer is learning the halter. We hope she will learn quickly and have exciting expeditions outside, like me.
It is sometimes annoying to have to take your human everywhere, but as Lynettea told me, we are very special kitties and should have our guards with us for protection.
(I thought it was me doing the guarding).


Summer at said...

My human put the halter on me for the first time last night. After about a minute I was playing like it wasn't there! I wonder what it will be like when she starts putting the leash on it... right now, she is just letting me play with it.

Georgia and Julie said...

Sorry you have to have a guard, but it is safer for you.
We would not want anything to happen to you except fun ;)
Just be sure Lynettea knows you will do the leading ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ