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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Purr for Flynn

Purr for Flynn


I was in my outdoor cosy the whole time. So what if she couldn't find me?
 I admit that I was crouched down very low and not easy to see. After all, I like my own privacy.
All the calls of 'Sasha, where are you?' and remarks like, 'I can't manage without you!' may be sweet to hear, but do not call me to any special action.
 Rather, they float over me, like dandelion puffballs in the wind.
 I am dreaming I am a cheetah. Long grass rustles slightly and then I stay stock still. I am immovable. I am a hunting cheetah, stalking its prey.
'Oh, there you are Sasha. What a relief. My little darling. What a pretty cat you are, Sasha.'
Where was I ...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Moth hunting

The wind may blow
The wind may sing
The cat may purr
About anything

Our dove?

Just because 'our dove' was born in the grapevine, it doesn't mean it can freely walk on the pergola roof and make clicking noises with its 'dear little feet.'
I run up my stairs to my lookout and it flies off.
'Doesn't our little dove look sweet sitting on the roof next door,' says Lynettea.

Lizard Visitor

Lynettea sees me close to the front door when she finally gets up today.
'What are you doing there, Sasha?' She peers at me.
'Is something wrong, Sasha? Are you looking at something under the door?'
Then she goes away.
Ten minutes later.
'Where are you, Sasha? Oh. Still sitting near the door.. What are you looking at, Sasha?'
Then she picks me up.
'Why are you wriggling, Sasha. Oh no! Leave that alone!'
Then I get carried into the bedroom and FLUNG onto the bed while she rushes out and closes the door. I can hear her on the other side.
'Little lizard, crawl onto my hand. There you go. You'll be safe with me. Dear little lizard. I'll take you outside now and put you where you'll be safe.'
Door makes a sound of opening. Not the bedroom door.
'You can come out now, Sasha. I've put the dear little lizard into the nasturtiums. He is quite safe now.'
I pretend not to be disgruntled and rush around looking, but there is no trace of our visitor.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I don't think I have trained Lynettea very well, as she let some strangers into the house.
I wondered what was going on when my shoe boxes were tidied up this morning and when I heard people at the door I knew Lynettea had brought people home without asking me first.
I hid under the bed and didn't come out. After a long time when they sat in our outside play area, they peered under the bed and made noises for me to come out. I had my moon bear with me and stayed very quiet.
'I can see Sasha's little face!' said one of them and then the other one crouched down and said a few remarks to me.
After they left I came out and tried to take the wrapping off the gift they had brought me, a book of lovely cat paintings from Japan.
Lynette opened it to show me.
Maybe if they come again I will thank them.
Lynette said they had flown a long way in an aeroplane to visit me and it was a pity I wouldn't come out.

A lovely Japanese cat picture

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

no move

Apparently I am not to move in with Orla.
Lynettea says she needs me here.
It is true she needs someone to look after her. We spent the rest of the day quietly. There was no move from Orla's parents to try to get me to move in. I think Orla might like to have me there, as she sometimes looks as if she wants to have a game with me. Then she backs away.
Lynettea says Orla may think I am Diamond, who was her friend. I don't think that can be true.

nasty shock

Lynettea was talking to our neighbours - Orla's parents - this morning and they told her there was a newspaper on the roof of the porch. Lynettea went to get her ladder (I say her because I have never used it) and she handed her lead over to the female human. That is, Orla's mummy. Does that mean I now have to go and live with Orla, I wondered. I don't want to!!!
I struggled and soon Lynettea had to take over. I then ran back into my house.
Lynettea then did some gardening and I watched her through the trellis.

Thank you for the encouragement

Thanks for the positive advice from kitties about training my human. I would like to know how I can get her to fill my food bowl on demand. Currently I use what she calls bad behaviour, such as giving her little jabs with my claws.
When I want her to play with me, I jump in the sink. I don't think I want to stop doing that, as it is fun.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

training issues

I am closely supervising Lynettea while she enters this post for me. The phone makes a little ticking noise when she taps it.

This is me. You can see what a serious and committed Blogger I have become.
I found an article in the paper today about training and showed it to Lynettea.
It said you should never shout at cats, only give them positive reinforcement.
I wonder if that would work with Lynettea?
Maybe I should stop miaowing at her and scratching her when I am displeased.
That will be difficult, as I have got into a routine.

Maybe if she spends more time patting and stroking me I will grow more calm.
Maybe if she pays strict attention to my food bowl and entertains me on demand I will have no reason to be displeased.
Can humans really ever be completely trained?
That is the question we have to face, sooner or later.
They are certainly not very quick on the uptake. Can we love them, nevertheless?
With all their faults there can still be something endearing about a human, if one looks hard enough.

Friday, September 19, 2014

sink jumping

We rounded off the day with a short session of sink jumping. That is, I jumped in the sink, because Lynettea is no good at all at this sport.
She hasn't worked out the psychology of it.
So, the end of a cold day, a  spatter of rain and my Snugglesafe heating pad dinging in the microwave to show it is ready.
Off to bed.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adventure time

I didn't want to stay on the heated cosy and thought I would go outside. Lynettea went out early and I couldn't get her on the lead. A cat doesn't really need a human to lead around, but as we know, Lynettea thinks she has to guard me. Sometimes a knight feels freer without his squire accompanying him everywhere, I tell her. (or worse, his mother running after him with a jumper and warnings about not getting a chill).
Finally, not being able to exit the pergola area without a key, and having looked at the fish   .... boring as they all hide under the slate shelves and the water lily leaves  ... I decide to settle in my cane eyrie and pretend to be an eagle or a cheetah, or a hunting Russian. The mountain breeze is drifting past me high up in my lair. A bit chill, but I am hardy. I snuggle down, but stay alert.
Then Lynettea comes home.
'Oh. It's raining. Aren't you cold there?' Pokes around.
Then I get this.
blanket and surf towel on the igloo

'Are you warmer now, Sasha?'

'This will be even warmer for you!'

How can I pretend to be an eagle in an eyrie now! I can hardly see out. 

I am okay

I just felt a little disgruntled early in the day.
I relented later and took Lynettea out for her walkies. I only let her have a short walk, while I checked here and there. I was in a mood to spot check.
Then we came in so I could allow her to serve my food. All this rushing in and out by my human is disconcerting.
She needs to stay home and look after me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Sasha refused to go for his normal walkies this morning. I had to leave after that. Now I am home and he hasn't noticed I am back. I think he is in his cosy in his outside play area.
'Have you seen him come in, Millie?
'He hasn't come past me. I have been fully alert, guarding the house.'
'I have to go out again. Then come back and go out again.' I hope there is not a problem...'
'I will keep watching out for him, Lynettea.'
'Good Millie.'

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I didn't go out today

I didn't go out. It was too late when Lynettea got home, she told me. I like walking after dark, even if it is cold.
Maybe tomorrow.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

What is my REAL name?

Sasha, Sashie, Alexander, my beautiful kitten, darling kitty, Don't jump there, my little boy, Naughty Cat, The most beautiful cat in the World, My Little Darling Kitteh , Gorgeous One, Don't claw Me, . . The list goes on and I get confused. I think if I had one regular name it would be easier to remember.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

wildlife TV

Tonight we watched one of my wildlife TV programs. At first I wasn't all that interested...
Then I was fully alert.

Is it a rat?

Sunday silhouette

Here I am waiting. The wattlebirds are going gobbledechuck, the bluebells are coming out, the sun is warm and I can hear the sound of an aeroplane. Time to rush ooutside and find a nice place to loll around and appreciate life.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My One and a Half Year's Birthday

Which makes me 20 years old in human terms.
Lynettea thought she would include some photos of me at play, to show that I am still young at heart.

My play room. 

At play in my play room

I am in the lake

I am not really in the lake. Lynettea made this at LunaPic.
I can have a swim and still stay dry and at home, where I like to be, best of all.


I went out into the street tonight. I had to guard Lynettea as she can't see as well as I can when there is not much light. There wasn't anyone else around, so it was nice. I didn't have to run inside when people and dogs appeared. I sniffed at all the interesting spots around shrubs and hedges and flowers, trees and fences and then we went in again. I like it out after dark. It feels more like a natural time to have a walk. We went earlier too, when it was sunny.

Lynettea had put all my paper bags and shoe boxes away this afternoon. She likes to pretend she has a tidy house when a friend comes to see her. I had to find them and request her to bring them out again. MIAOUW MIAOUW MIAOUW. Purrrrrrr

Diamond's friends Michelle and Kimberley rang up. Lynettea said they were her niece and great-niece. She wasn't sure what relation they were to me. Probably cousins, I think. They both asked if I was well and Lynettea mentioned my jumping into the sink, which would have been embarrassing if I had cared at all what they think. Michelle laughed, another rude human laughing at me. I think I am hardened to it now. Kitties and humans will never think the same.

Dragging Lynettea past the parsley. My cat grass is just around the corner. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Kitties

Lion pride at Monarto zoo South Australia

out all day

Lynettea, not me, but she promised me some animal photos for my blog. I hope she puts them in the computer soon
I think we are going for walkies now. Purrrrr

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

cats have good memories

I was locked in the bathroom today when Lynettea went to her exercise class. She was surprised when she heard me MIAOWING when she got home.
Then she said, 'You made yourself comfortable, Sasha, I see.'
I had made myself a soft towel nest on the tiles. I remembered how to do that from the last time I was trapped in the bathroom, a long time ago.
She got my dinner for me and then I had a game with the paper bags and shoe boxes on the lounge room floor..
Lynettea thinks it is very untidy nowadays, but she puts up with it to make me happy.
It was dark outside, so we didn't go for walkies. Lynettea had gone off without me, so I didn't feel sorry for her.
I say, 'Get me my food and a nice warmer for my cosy.
Then run up and down with electric mouse. Make his eyes flash.'

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

we need to go to bed

We need to go to bed. It is dark and the rain is falling. There is no moon to be seen behind the dark bank of clouds. It is after midnight, cold, windy and we need to go to bed. It is time to give me a brush and cuddle and settle me in my heated cosy on the couch. MIAOUW MIAOUW MIAOUW

Sunday, September 7, 2014

TRAINING the Human for walkies

Once the human has managed to get the harness onto you, not always an easy task, she can try to attach the leash. My human has the leash already attached to the harness, so she only has to accomplish one task. My harness is a special cat type harness, as dog type harnesses are easy to wriggle out of if you are a cat. We are more flexible than dogs in many ways. We also know our own minds better.
Lynettea only manages to put my harness on when I want her to do so. She seems to have to get me to adopt a certain position near the gate, otherwise it is all too difficult for her. She is not very flexible.
Once we are out ,she relies on me to take the lead. Sometimes we look at dogs when they are out for a walk with their human and it is obvious that they do not control their human very well.

when I am out, I like to look in

Spring is here: wattle in bloom

Saturday, September 6, 2014

from Sasha

I see I can't keep my back turned for a minute.
Both the fish and Millie Robomaid are attempting to take over the blog!!!
I had a sunshine walk this morning and an evening walk in the moonlight. I thought I might have had a go at tree climbing, but I only managed to put my paws up on the smooth bark of one of the street trees, when Lynettea said it was not a good idea.

So I sat for a while gazing up the trunk of the tree and thinking how nice it would be in the leaves up high.
The tree was Obviously ideal for a kitty to climb. Lynettea was holding the reins, as usual. I am not so keen for her to always want me on them. I could probably supervise her just as well if she stayed close to me.
Then she wanted to go in and get dinner. I could have stayed out longer.

good girl, Millie

How I love it when I hear those words after I have cleaned the bathroom and laundry floors.
My sole aim in life is to provide a clean and healthy environment for this family. A little gratitude goes a long way with me.
Here I am relaxing on my charger.

Millie Robomaid

Training 'Our Sasha'

Lynettea says she is training Sasha to be our guardian. The duck weed and other plants have died back and we have a lot more open water. This makes us more vulnerable.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Friday, September 5, 2014

answering the question about the Animal Vacuum

This vacuum is supposed to be good for sucking up animal furs, but the instructions say not to use it - definitely no, no, no, on the live animal.
It is pretty good at sucking things into its interior. Lynettea doesn't point it at my furs, unless they are loose furs I have cast onto the floor.

From Millie RoboMaid

Lynettea suggested the Animal Vacuum and I could work together.
I don't find this very satisfactory. For one thing the Animal Vac is very noisy, and for another, it doesn't have any conversation. It is no fun working with a work partner that has nothing to say. To place me with it, I regard as a form of bullying. I never thought I should have to use that word in connection with this household.

Sasha: It is just a machine, Millie. It can't speak.
Millie: Really? It makes enough noise!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello Sasha

Lynettea went to the dentist this morning. When she arrived, there was a new girl on reception, who said, 'Hello Sasha!'
Lynettea looked around to see if I had got on the bus by mistake, but no. I wasn't there. I was home snuggled up on the bed.
I wouldn't go to the dentist voluntarily.
Are you wondering why the girl called Lynettea, Sasha?
Lynettea asked the receptionist as she left, and the girl said it was a mistake.
I wouldn't have thought anyone could get confused so easily. Maybe it comes from Lynettea constantly putting her name on my writings.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

unfair laughing

Lynettea said to the teacher and other students at her Japanese class that I had been too busy getting my work published in an American magazine to write anything for homework. They all laughed.
I usually help her by writing something for her to read.
One of the students laughed so much he nearly fell out of his chair.
They may think it is very funny, but I find it insulting, especially as another American magazine has now accepted one of my poems.
Lynettea said, 'You will be catching up with Diamond as an author, dear Sasha.' Maybe she was saying 'dear' to placate me. She knows I don't like being laughed at.
Usually I get terms like, 'you are my lovey dovey kitty', a bit juvenile for me now, as I am nearly one and a half years old.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sasha's work published in America

My work has been published in an American magazine called Haibun Today. Lynette claimed it as her own, as usual. I am making no headway in stopping her. She says that they would not accept work if they knew it was from a cat!!! That is so hard to believe. 

Here I am checking the boundaries of the garden. I like this corner, as it has dry grass in it from my clump of cat grass. 
looking at more plants

after my walk, I relax. Lynettea doesn't mind standing.

A butterfly above the nasturtiums

checking the corner

Monday, September 1, 2014


One of my chief jobs is inspection.
This would be second in my responsibilities after supervision.
Lynettea makes my tasks very difficult. In particular she will not agree that I need to inspect all food.
I very rarely am able to check or taste her food before she eats it. Believe it or not, she would prefer to throw out good food if I have sampled even a tiny bit. I don't usually like the flavour of her food anyway. She insists on eating vegetables. We all know there is no substance in vegetables. Nothing to get your teeth into.
I worry how she can keep going.
It is sometimes easier to sample the food after she has finished. If I am very alert I might get my tongue onto a plate. Then there are the usual complaints.

when in doubt


 Or groom.

Word from the chair

Please stop the rain.
And I don't want to read the newspaper either.