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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adventure time

I didn't want to stay on the heated cosy and thought I would go outside. Lynettea went out early and I couldn't get her on the lead. A cat doesn't really need a human to lead around, but as we know, Lynettea thinks she has to guard me. Sometimes a knight feels freer without his squire accompanying him everywhere, I tell her. (or worse, his mother running after him with a jumper and warnings about not getting a chill).
Finally, not being able to exit the pergola area without a key, and having looked at the fish   .... boring as they all hide under the slate shelves and the water lily leaves  ... I decide to settle in my cane eyrie and pretend to be an eagle or a cheetah, or a hunting Russian. The mountain breeze is drifting past me high up in my lair. A bit chill, but I am hardy. I snuggle down, but stay alert.
Then Lynettea comes home.
'Oh. It's raining. Aren't you cold there?' Pokes around.
Then I get this.
blanket and surf towel on the igloo

'Are you warmer now, Sasha?'

'This will be even warmer for you!'

How can I pretend to be an eagle in an eyrie now! I can hardly see out. 


Summer at said...

Humans are so pragmatic - sometimes it squelches the spirit.

The Whiskeratti said...

Sighs. Mom do have the hovering thing down pat, don't they ? Like we are all kitten tots or something.

Angel Keisha said...

That is a nice house. I would like one too.