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Monday, September 1, 2014


One of my chief jobs is inspection.
This would be second in my responsibilities after supervision.
Lynettea makes my tasks very difficult. In particular she will not agree that I need to inspect all food.
I very rarely am able to check or taste her food before she eats it. Believe it or not, she would prefer to throw out good food if I have sampled even a tiny bit. I don't usually like the flavour of her food anyway. She insists on eating vegetables. We all know there is no substance in vegetables. Nothing to get your teeth into.
I worry how she can keep going.
It is sometimes easier to sample the food after she has finished. If I am very alert I might get my tongue onto a plate. Then there are the usual complaints.


Summer at said...

Why do humans keep making things so difficult! I wish Sparkle were here - she'd know the answer right away.

Pretinha said...

Os humanos podem fazer o trabalho de um gato ficar muito difĂ­cil hehehe

meowmeowmans said...

Humans are so strange, Sasha. Ours are the same way about food as Lynettea!

The Island Cats said...

Your human is being very wasteful for not letting you taste her food.

Kari said...

Our mum just removes the portion we've sampled. It happens all the time here. And she's a veggie person too, can you believe that! We kitties
are obligate carnivores. We've not got
the ability to make certain amino acids and vitamins. We gave our mum a nice juicy mousie and she didn't even sample it. Sheesh!

Angel Keisha said...

I like to inspect food, too. Especially steak.