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Saturday, September 13, 2014


I went out into the street tonight. I had to guard Lynettea as she can't see as well as I can when there is not much light. There wasn't anyone else around, so it was nice. I didn't have to run inside when people and dogs appeared. I sniffed at all the interesting spots around shrubs and hedges and flowers, trees and fences and then we went in again. I like it out after dark. It feels more like a natural time to have a walk. We went earlier too, when it was sunny.

Lynettea had put all my paper bags and shoe boxes away this afternoon. She likes to pretend she has a tidy house when a friend comes to see her. I had to find them and request her to bring them out again. MIAOUW MIAOUW MIAOUW. Purrrrrrr

Diamond's friends Michelle and Kimberley rang up. Lynettea said they were her niece and great-niece. She wasn't sure what relation they were to me. Probably cousins, I think. They both asked if I was well and Lynettea mentioned my jumping into the sink, which would have been embarrassing if I had cared at all what they think. Michelle laughed, another rude human laughing at me. I think I am hardened to it now. Kitties and humans will never think the same.

Dragging Lynettea past the parsley. My cat grass is just around the corner. 


Angel Keisha said...

I sorry the silly hoomin was laughing. Maybe u can put a hairball in her shoe.

Summer at said...

I would love to go walking in my neighborhood, but there are too many wild creatures and dogs of questionable kitty-friendliness. My human says that she can take me in my iGo carrier, though!

The Island Cats said...

How cool that you got to go out for a night time walk.