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Saturday, November 29, 2014

I couldn't believe my ears

Lynettea was getting some of her clothes from the wardrobe, just now. I used the opportunity to practise my climbing skills up some of her storage boxes in the shelves. They have a a woven plastic strip surface, which is particularly good for gripping with the claws. I often practise there.
Lynettea said, 'Sasha, please do not climb there. I have asked you many times not to ruin my special things by climbing on them.'
And then she tried to pull me off.
When I was standing on the floor she said, 'After all, Sasha, you do get free board and lodging.'
I couldn't believe my ears. After all I do for her!!!! And a few teeny tiny pulled out plastic strips.
I went straight into the wardrobe and hid.
Later, when she saw me stretched on the floor in the lounge room, she apologized and told me I was welcome to all the food. I deserved it, she told me.

In My Garden

Flying beetles

Yesterday I had fun chasing flying beetles when we went into the garden at twilight. Lynettea had to jump around after me. Maybe that is why I didn't catch any beetles. There were none today.
It is hot, so we are going out late, when the sun has practically gone down. Lynettea ignores all my reminders about her walkies until she decides to go. I worry about her inactivity. (She says: Don't be silly, Sasha. I go out all the time to buy your food.)
This afternoon a couple of her friends came over and watched a TV program from UK about the founding of Whipsnade Zoo. It was the first open-range zoo in UK. I know these visitors, so let them stroke my fur a bit. Only very deserving visitors can do this. They have to be very quiet and well behaved before I will approach them at all.
It is a long day for me with all the excitement. My eyes are shut now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Born Free

Lynettea was looking at my previous article and said that she sympathized with my feelings, but it is a dangerous world beyond the fence and I need to have her with me.
It is strange to think of being totally free. Lynettea tells me there are humans like that, without cats (or dogs as a second best). How can they survive without correct and loving supervision, I wonder.
Maybe that explains a lot of the difficulties in the world. Feral humans. With no supervisors. That makes me feel sad.
Let's think of something more positive. Turn on the television.


Lynettea now seems to be determined to patrol my every step when I take her out.
I am trying to give her a few hints to back off, but she is taking no notice. We stood for a long time in the corners of the backyard, looking at the fence railings, with me gazing up and Lynettea staring at me. It was rather disconcerting. It is not as if I want to escape. Just that I would like to explore.
If I can't see over the fence, then how do I know whether I want to visit the next yard or not?
I am experiencing frustration and it is not comfortable.
Lynettea says, 'You won't like it over there, Sasha.'
I would like to know: how does she know that?

In my cosy

I am supposed to have photo shoots instead of resting?
Isn't there some code of conduct for this? I shouldn't be at her convenience. I am inclined to get impatient and test her hand with my claws. These are the photos with the not very good camera, but she can upload them at once.
When the other photos go into the computer I can make a post with them, showing off my expressive face and eyes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As you all know, I am very good at taking my recatricant human for walkies, leading her about in the hope that some mental stimulation will prod her into a fully alert state.
I am not sure how well this is working. Today, for example, we went out and then I had to go in when she remembered she had to  put out the garbage and then we went out again. Lynettea was puzzled that my halter seemed loose and started to make unnecessary remarks about Diamond had needed a bigger halter and my father being a big cat.
Then of course the remarks about how I should eat more and 'fill out'.
She was looking at me, sprawled on the warm concrete path, and wondered out loud about me being inactive today. Why that matters I have no idea.
Then it was, 'Sasha your halter is twisted. You can hardly walk.'
My halter was fastened by some clumsy human in front of one leg and behind the other.
'Oh why didn't you say something?'
Well I did MIAOUW.
After she managed to fix the halter I became much more active. I rushed down to the back garden and sprang part way up the fence before she managed to catch me, pull me down and carry me inside. I struggled as we went into my enclosure.
'That is very dangerous, Sasha. You will have to have me holding your lead absolutely all the time now!'

world affairs

She is about to go out and I am miaouwing. 'I will leave the radio on for you, Sasha,' she says.
She knows I like to keep abreast of world affairs.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

chasing flying insects

Today it rained. Big thunderclouds came overhead and I decided to hide, as I don't like strange and deafening noises. 
Lynettea thinks I was hiding in the wardrobe and I may have been, but I prefer she doesn't know everything about what I do, down to the last detail. 
 In the afternoon Lynettea went to the theatre just around the corner from us. She said it was an exciting play called Bracken Moor, with piercing screams and thunderclaps. It was difficult for her to tell which thunderclaps were coming from outside and which were stage effects. 
After one thunderclap a ghostly figure appeared on the staircase and after one piercing scream from an actress Lynettea felt the sound rush down her spine and the air go cold. 
She may enjoy that sort of thing. I do not. 
At twilight the rain had passed and big insects were flying around. I tried to catch some, but Lynettea pulled on her lead.
 She says that, as I am a Russian Prince, I have to have a bodyguard in the street. I don't think she is a very good bodyguard, and besides, I am taking her for a walk. Sometimes I think she is trying to CONTROL me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blog hop post

We are trying to do the blog hop again. Hopefully the human is up to doing the codes.

Visit to My Vet - the Story

We went to My Vet this afternoon in the taxi. It worked out much as I had thought. Lynettea trapped me in the carrier and we went in the taxi. We had the waiting room to ourselves and then My Vet carried me in to his surgery. He wanted to weigh me straight away, so took me out to the weighing machine in the hall. I stood very still on it and then he checked the weight I was when he saw me a couple of weeks ago. I was the same weight.
He said I was of a rangy build and he didn't want to do any more tests on me.
He recommended I try to eat some different crispies and he gave Lynettea some sample packs for me to try. Then we went home in another taxi. I was covered over most of the time, except in  My Vet's surgery, so I didn't see a lot.
I have to go for another appointment in six weeks time.
Lynettea didn't take any photos at the Vet, but here I am waiting for the taxi and after I got home. You can see in the first photo that I am doing some mouth stretches to warm up for my singing in the taxi. I have to do that to pacify the taxi driver. This time I was quiet, after a few reminders to Lynettea to not jiggle my carrier when she picked it up.
After we got back, Lynettea took me out into the garden for a look around and I felt glad to be home.

Gearing up to go to My Vet

We should be taking the taxi to the vet in three quarters of an hour.
There will be the usual battle with Lynettea's inept efforts to put me in my carrier. Then I will entertain the taxi driver with a song as we rush down the street, with Lynettea clinging to my carrier in the back seat. She hangs on the wires, because one of the drivers put the brakes on so sharply on one occasion that poor old Diamond was tumbled over in the cage. He wasn't well at the time, which made it even more distressing.
Yesterday, Lynettea was fastening my lead, while telling me she really loved me and I was safe with her and then managed to tread on me when she stood up. Of course she was very repentant, but my tail still hurt and I was very wary of staying near her.
I am not looking forward to this ordeal and thank my friends for their kind thoughts on my behalf.
I will make a full report as soon as I can.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Ready

I am getting ready for tomorrow's visit to My Vet, Dr Andrew. Lynettea says I will be weighed again and to eat up my food so I can swell up a bit. One of her friends yesterday made some rude remarks about me being thin, which were quite unwelcome.
Lynettea started to get more worried and I had to take her for a walk at twilight to relax her.
She keeps looking at my foods and measuring them with her little kitchen scale, which she hadn't used for years.
At the moment I am still snuggled up in my cosy, waiting to see if something nice will happen before I get up.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

my thyroid test was okay

My thyroid blood test showed it was normal, in case anyone was worried. So the Vet hasn't found anything wrong with me yet. But my food is still being weighed.

No cats visible at G20

Lynettea and I watched part of the G20 this afternoon, at least she watched and I curled up beside her in my cosy with one ear open. We heard Barack Obama's speech at the University of Queensland and then saw the Greeting to Country to start the conference. Lynettea did her best to keep me informed, even though I kept my eyes shut most of the time.
There were no cats present, as far as we could see, and Lynettea was disappointed that there were only a few women leaders. There was talk of helping the environment, especially the climate and the Great Barrier Reef. There was talk of helping women to be more equal.
Maybe one day...
It was nice to watch together and I felt so safe and cosy that I fell asleep.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Relationship with your human

What is your relationship with your human: parent, sibling, carer, guardian, friend, companion, playmate, kitten, nuisance? What other roles do they have?
Lynettea said she thought it might be carer:-)
And she may be right. I didn't expect to have to undertake such a demanding role at my young age, but my mother must have thought I was ready.
I have to patrol Lynettea constantly, making sure she moves around. I put up my paws and MIAOUW at her until she gets moving. There are also the constant reminders to get my food, feed the fish and taking her out for exercise. It is no easy role and I have to keep myself focussed.
That means I need long naps, preferably on a soft cosy with some relaxing music in the background.
I would be interested to hear the views of other kitties and woofies on this topic.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hot jazz. Lynettea decided to play some jazz music for me to liven me up. I heard Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and suddenly I couldn't stop myself. I sprang onto a small space on the dresser, small because it is cluttered with LYNETTEA'S THINGS and up to the fridge top., very clumsily nearly knocking off the phone. Lynettea quickly changed the music to a complete Rachmaninov collection.
I am lying down now.
The vet nurse rang and said I might have to change my dry food diet to another sort. I heard Lynettea say she would collect some when we go to My Vet next Tuesday. We already have an appointment.
I will live for the day and not worry about that.
I have already had a 'nice walk in the garden' with me finding patches of shade to lie in under the crab apple tree and the grapevine. Lynettea doesn't like standing under the crab apple tree as the branches are low and she has to crouch to get under.
It is getting hot. I might go and say hello to the fish. I know they love me, but they are hiding under their weeds and leaves.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Lynettea says I must be feeling better, as when she tried to pick me up to go in after our walkies I started writhing.
She put me inside and shut the door while she spent a long time watering the pot plants and the flowers around the street tree. This means it is going to be hot tomorrow.
I played in the straw on the driveway while I was out and Lynettea sat and watched me. Then I took her up and down the street on her lead. I think she enjoyed it, although she never seems to appreciate that the darker it gets the better for hunting. We hadn't been out in the street together for a while so it was a treat for her.
After she locked me inside I felt annoyed and when she left the bathroom door open, I pulled all the towels down and dragged them around on the floor.
She didn't notice for a while, as she was too busy weighing my food.

early morning bask in the sunshine

Here I am supervising the fish from on high, while the early morning sunlight fills the enclosure. The fish probably want to think of me as their guardian, but I am not altogether comfortable about that. It is a big responsibility.

Measured food

All my food is still being measured and weighed.
 I am not sure if I have gained any weight and we haven't got any results of my thyroid test yet.
And I want to go out. I am sitting here with my tail draped over Lynettea's arm, my eyes focussed on the world outside, past the insect screen,where there is sunshine and the birds are calling me.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

my Moon Bear

My moon bear keeps getting on top of places where he is not wanted.
Lynettea says perhaps he climbs up there when I am not watching. I don't think that can be so. I wonder if she is putting him there. She doesn't seem to like him being in his rightful place on the floor. Sometimes he even tries to rest in my bed.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


At lunchtime Lynettea brought my food outside into my enclosure and I had a nice picnic lunch. Then when we went into the garden, she brought out my dinner of Royal Canine food pouch and I ate it all up. Then she put down my dental crisps and I had a few of those.
I might have been looking for a dove, but OUR DOVE THAT WAS BROUGHT UP FROM AN EGG IN THE GRAPEVINE flew off making a whirring sound. Lynettea is worried I might want to play with it too vigorously.

My Vet

I saw my vet yesterday and he took some more blood to test my thyroid.
I didn't understand all of what he was saying. Humans seem to think it is sufficient to say 'good boy' when you have stood motionless on the slippery scale for them. All the remarks were addressed to Lynettea as if I wasn't in the room. It was my health being discussed after all.
Lynettea explained that I am to go on a strict regime of food. She has to record every packet of food I get and weigh my dry food. I told her that I am quite happy with the roast chicken brought back hot from the supermarket, but she is not allowed to do that right now.
I am almost sorry she took me in.
Now let us go into the garden. I have to help Lynettea with her Japanese homework.

Monday, November 3, 2014

in the catnip jungle

I have my private jungle of catnip under the grapevine at the side of the house.and my jasmine.

an appointment with Dr Andrew tomorrow

Lynettea says she is not happy with me and has made an appointment with My Vet tomorrow.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

not a proper post

Because we might go outside. I had to go to the vet on Thursday, because I ate water hyacinth flowers. I had a fever.
I have also lost weight and Lynettea doesn't know why. The vet doesn't know why either. She said to Lynettea I was a 'good boy' after they took my blood samples. Lynettea was not allowed to see me have the blood stolen in a chamber at the back of the vet surgery. I think they may be feeding vampires. But the blood results were all normal. Maybe they gave my blood to the vampires and sent some of their own to the blood test place.
Lynettea says I have too vivid an imagination. How can imagination be too vivid?
Because I ate the water iris and felt off colour, I had roast chicken for dinner.