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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Flying beetles

Yesterday I had fun chasing flying beetles when we went into the garden at twilight. Lynettea had to jump around after me. Maybe that is why I didn't catch any beetles. There were none today.
It is hot, so we are going out late, when the sun has practically gone down. Lynettea ignores all my reminders about her walkies until she decides to go. I worry about her inactivity. (She says: Don't be silly, Sasha. I go out all the time to buy your food.)
This afternoon a couple of her friends came over and watched a TV program from UK about the founding of Whipsnade Zoo. It was the first open-range zoo in UK. I know these visitors, so let them stroke my fur a bit. Only very deserving visitors can do this. They have to be very quiet and well behaved before I will approach them at all.
It is a long day for me with all the excitement. My eyes are shut now.


The Whiskeratti said...

Ohhhh beetles sound like fun to us.

Summer at said...

I wish I had some beetles to chase! For some reason, my human doesn't!