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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


As you all know, I am very good at taking my recatricant human for walkies, leading her about in the hope that some mental stimulation will prod her into a fully alert state.
I am not sure how well this is working. Today, for example, we went out and then I had to go in when she remembered she had to  put out the garbage and then we went out again. Lynettea was puzzled that my halter seemed loose and started to make unnecessary remarks about Diamond had needed a bigger halter and my father being a big cat.
Then of course the remarks about how I should eat more and 'fill out'.
She was looking at me, sprawled on the warm concrete path, and wondered out loud about me being inactive today. Why that matters I have no idea.
Then it was, 'Sasha your halter is twisted. You can hardly walk.'
My halter was fastened by some clumsy human in front of one leg and behind the other.
'Oh why didn't you say something?'
Well I did MIAOUW.
After she managed to fix the halter I became much more active. I rushed down to the back garden and sprang part way up the fence before she managed to catch me, pull me down and carry me inside. I struggled as we went into my enclosure.
'That is very dangerous, Sasha. You will have to have me holding your lead absolutely all the time now!'


The Whiskeratti said...

Oh, what a pain our 'rents can be! Always spoiling our fun. They fuss soooo much.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We hope your leg isn't sore - humans can be incredibly silly sometimes - well at least ours is.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Summer at said...

Humans are never satisfied! They can be such a pain!

Pretinha said...

Sasha você precisa ser mais cuidadoso, ou sua bípede vai morrer de susto!

Georgia and Julie said...

Sounds like you need to do a lot of training of your human!
Only then will she behave.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ