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Monday, November 10, 2014


Lynettea says I must be feeling better, as when she tried to pick me up to go in after our walkies I started writhing.
She put me inside and shut the door while she spent a long time watering the pot plants and the flowers around the street tree. This means it is going to be hot tomorrow.
I played in the straw on the driveway while I was out and Lynettea sat and watched me. Then I took her up and down the street on her lead. I think she enjoyed it, although she never seems to appreciate that the darker it gets the better for hunting. We hadn't been out in the street together for a while so it was a treat for her.
After she locked me inside I felt annoyed and when she left the bathroom door open, I pulled all the towels down and dragged them around on the floor.
She didn't notice for a while, as she was too busy weighing my food.


Pretinha said...

Sasha você é um gato vingativo hehehe

Summer at said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, Sasha!

Angel Keisha said...

It is good to move the towels. Things should not be the same all the time.