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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

my adventurous day

The day had come around again for my WEIGHT to be checked at the vet. I was asleep in my furry hideaway under the throw over the lounge, when Lynettea called me out.
At first I was drowsy and not fully alert, but when I saw the cat carrier I ran back into my hollow and hid, burrowing deep into the fur. Lynettea said I was being a sook. She wants me to face up to the harsh reality of the world.
She tunnelled under the throw, dragged me out, and tried to put me in the carrier from the top. So I spread out my long legs to the sides, which made me too wide to go into the carrier. She was very disappointed, especially as the taxi was about to arrive. So she cuddled me and wrapped her arms so my legs couldn't spread out properly and then I was in the carrier, unable to escape. I screamed out for my friends to come and help me while we waited on the porch, but no-one came. Perhaps they hadn't heard my cry for help.
My vet was  nice to me, but he took my temperature, which was not pleasant. I tried not to wriggle on the scales. He said my weight was the same, but he was happy with me.
After we got home I took Lynettea on my inspection of the fence line and a large rat bared its teeth at me and hissed from a hole in the fence.
Lynettea pulled me back.
'I don't want you getting bitten, Sasha,' she said.
Then she rang the neighbours, who came and stared at the hole, which is going under their shed. They put a trap there.
It would be easier if I waited for the rat to come out.
I am not a cuddle puss.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Another disrupted day

I was under the bed again for several hours while a man painted the wall that the microwave burnt. Lynettea shut the bedroom door so he couldn't find me and to keep the nasty smell away from me. I am very sensitive to bad chemical smells.
Lynettea told me he was a very cheerful young man and a good worker. She shouted at me when I tried to test the paint. It would have stuck on my pretty soft fur, according to her.
Not much else happened. I went out a couple of times to inspect the yard, towing Lynettea

Twilight: the remains of the day 

The birds have settled onto branches in secret places in the trees 

I am distressed at the daily news, but can do nothing about it.

Now is the time for cats to seek prey.

But all I can find is a tortoise made of clay.
along as usual and trying to comply with her awkward requests.
Why she doesn't want to stand under the crabapple tree and poke for insects I don't know.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

second class citizen

I was calmly sleeping, tucked up under the throw over the lounge where it rests on the floor, when one of Lynettea's friends decided to sit there. I felt like a second class citizen, if even that, as cats are not allowed to vote.,
Nobody took any notice of me as they were too busy talking about their own concerns.
Would anyone miss me if I wasn't here?
Lynettea: 'Sasha, I love you.'

Saturday, December 27, 2014

typical teenager

I am listening to a TED talk on the radio, because Lynettea thought it might help me. She would like to enrol me in school and university, but there are insuperable barriers.
Anyway, according to the TED talk, I may be a typical teenager, obsessed with my on line profile and possibly ignoring real life activities.
 Also I am obsessed with what I eat and avoiding my reflection in the mirror. I must learn to value my individuality and my whole self and be free to become the best version of myself.
What would it mean to me to be freed from the voice of my inner critic. INNER CRITIC? What is that? Then I may become the change maker of tomorrow - now I can relate to that!
What shall I change first? Automatic feeding bowl?

song for marion

We were going to watch Fantasia this afternoon, but Lynettea's nice friend didn't want to watch it, as she thought it was going to be the old version and it wasn't. Sometimes the old things are better than the new things.
 So we watched Song for Marion instead, which is a film about older people singing in a choir. I sat up close to the screen for a while, but Lynettea doesn't like watching around a 'cat shape', so I curled up in my cosy near her friend and shut my eyes to relax and enjoy the music. I even gave the friend a little gentle pat with my paws.

After that we went for walkies. I couldn't take Lynettea into the street, as she saw two dogs running down the street without their humans and was worried they might attack me. I lay down for a while on the chives, which are soft and cool.
They are poisonous for cats to eat, but I didn't get any in my mouth.

And now it's good night from me and sleep tight.

Friday, December 26, 2014

a nice cool day

Boxing Day. Lynettea told me that one of my favourite visitors is coming this afternoon to watch Fantasia. We were worried she might not be well enough to come, but she is well. Lynettea even thought her friend might be in hospital. This friend doesn't try to get me to do things and stare at me all the time.

We might go for walkies soon. Lynettea said, 'don't go to sleep, Sasha.'
We usually walk around the yard, mostly, with me checking the fence line. If it is very quiet in the street I might take her out onto the path. But we have to run in if there are people or dogs coming.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

At the end of Christmas Day

This is my gift from Sandy Paws. 
It has been a long day. Santa or Sandy Paws came last night.
He left a special gift for me. Lynettea found it hidden in the wardrobe, as we don't have a Christmas tree. I discovered that this toy is very useful.  At first I could only think of climbing on top and scratching it. But after a good sleep under the mock fur throw for the day, I came out late afternoon feeling very frisky. Lynettea had been out at a friend's place for lunch and she put my gift in the hall for me to use.
I found if I charged down the hall and leaped on it, the toy skidded down the boards like a toboggan. That was good fun..
The holes in the S shape are good for hiding toys like ping pong balls.
I can pry them out with my long paws and legs or push the whole toy over to get them.
After that we went for two lots of walkies, one when it was nearly dark.
I hope all other kitties are having a nice Christmas. As the world is so large, the kitties who read this may not have even started their Christmas yet.

Santa's gift

I think Santa or Sandy Paws may be about to come. I will have my eyes open.
 I was worried that Lynettea would not get a gift, so I made her one. I will tell her it will be late in arriving, as I had to do it on the Internet for her. It has photos and poems of Myself and also Diamond.
 When she mentioned Diamond, I could see tears leaking from her eyes and I felt sad. But she said, 'I love you just as much, Sasha.'
So we must get to bed now and look forward to a joyful Christmas Day. I haven't found out about my gift, if I have one. Lynettea said I was her gift and I think she wants to look after me.

has that rat moved?

I am losing concentration

has it moved?

I think it moved slightly

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Christmas

Thanks to Ann Adamus from Zoolatry for this Christmas card for me, Sasha. Greetings and Felicitations to all. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cat Cafe Melbourne

Cat Cafe Melbourne has kindly allowed us to show some pictures of their cats in the cafe. The cats have all come from rescue shelters in Victoria.
If anyone is interested they can book a session with the cats. It would be hard to resist these felines. We hope there will be more cat cafes opening elsewhere in Australia.
We wondered how we could get a cup of tea poured by a cat (photo below). Sasha says he is not up to that, as it is female work. I must have neglected his early training, if he has turned out to be a male chauvinist.
Sasha: I am not a male chauvinist. I am a Russian Prince.

why does fur fall out?

'Why does your fur keep falling out, Sasha?'
That was the question I was asked this morning.
'How do I know? Maybe it is shedding, so I will feel cooler on these hot days. Maybe if you were not using the Animal Vacuum the air would not heat up so much and I would feel cooler and then my furs would not fall out so much. Let me lie down and take a rest. Watching you do all this work is over exciting and I start to feel stressed.'

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Security Alarm triggered

Lynettea went out to the theatre to see Australian Youth Ballet perform the Nutcracker this evening.
When she got home the blue light was flashing, but there was nothing wrong that she could see. She thinks I SASHA might have triggered it.
Why would I have wanted to do that? A loud noise that went on and on.
'Oh, poor Sasha,' she said. you must have had a nasty time.'
'A pity you could not have come to the ballet, where there were a lot of mice. You would have enjoyed it.'

Blog Hop post by Sasha

We think a cat cafe is a good idea

We saw this post on Bocci's blog about a cat cafe
A great idea. We have lots of cafe's near us. It would be wonderful if there was one to help kitties. Especially if humans would get to know our personalities.
Here is a direct link to the cafe web site: The headerof the cat cafe blog says: America’s first permanent cat cafe is now open at 2869 Broadway in Oakland, CA!
The article on Bocci's blog says: The good word has spread, and cat cafes have arrived in Denver, Colorado, Naples, Florida, and downtown Manhattan. The picture is from Jim Wilson/New York times.

CAT CAFE IN MELBOURNE: Now we find there is a cat cafe in Melbourne. What a great idea. Let us have at least one in Adelaide, preferably in Norwood. 


Here comes the killer vine trying to climb through the window.

Lynettea says I have a good imagination.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Earning my Keep?

I am now eating so much expensive food that Lynettea said I might have to start earning my keep. She said she heard some children had lemonade stands in the street. I think she saw that in the cartoon Snoopy, as  she couldn't tell me where she had seen that near here.
Maybe, she told me, I could offer pats. She would take the money. I am not sure about this. I can be quite nervous going into the street.
Do you think she is serious?
After all the help I give her in the house, is it fair of her to ask me to bring in money as well?

Lynettea: 'I was not serious, Sasha.'

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will she get a gift?

Everyone seems to think I have been good and will get a gift. But what about Lynettea? If I get a gift and Sandy Paws doesn't think she deserves one, after my complaints about her, I will feel bad. Maybe Sandy Paws will read my blog entries and decide to punish her.
What shall I do?
I am feeling worried about this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Claus or Sandy Paws

Lynettea told me about Santa.
'Dear Sasha, many young kitties and humans believe there is a kindly and generous being, who delivers gifts to children and young kitties at Christmas. Kitties usually think of this being as Sandy Paws. Good kitties receive and enjoy gifts as a reward for their beneficial behaviour during the past year. Some kitties believe that Sandy Paws keeps a record of their behaviour.
'This might be difficult, considering how many kitties live in the world and also how many homeless kitties there must be, trying to scratch out a living somehow and survive another day.'

'Do you think I am a good kitty?'

'No kitty would have perfect behaviour, Sasha, but be assured you are my lovely darling cat and I feel Sandy Paws may have a little gift hidden somewhere for you.'

'Can I have it now?'

'It isn't Christmas yet, Sasha.'

Who is Santa?

Lynettea just came back from the shops and said that Santa may have something for me.
Who is Santa?
I don't want any more strangers coming into the house. The last week has been enough for me.
I think I have a lot of things already. What I need is a behavioural transformation for Lynettea. Maybe he could bring me that.

'You will be good! You will obey Sasha's orders!'

my secret sleeping place

I am tired.
But I have found a secret sleeping place.

I don't think Lynettea knows where it is, because I cannot be seen.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where's Mitzi Now?

Lynettea came home late in the afternoon after being out all day.
Even from afar I could sniff out something wrong. While she slumped down in a chair before getting my evening meal, I could at once detect foreign scents on her.
'Oh Sasha, it's good to be home,' she said. 'Mitzi is a nice little cat ... ouch!! Why did you stick your claw in me?'
Mitzi may be a nice little cat. But where is she now? Your faithful and neglected feline has been waiting all day. Where is my dinner?
Yes, shrink away from my justice. I can also smell the scent of two dogs on you, a poodle and a cockerspaniel. Faithless human!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

word verification

Are kitties still being asked for word verification when they leave comments? Lynettea switched it off for me to make it easier for our friends to post, but when I make comments it is coming up for me.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

cat song

I found myself locked in the wardrobe when Lynettea went shopping. I sprang out again when she opened the door.
'What are you doing in there, Sasha!!!?''
I felt rather crumpled, as there wasn't much room. She needs to get rid of some of her clothes and other items and make a reasonable sized space for me.
Lynettea put on some music from her music service. I could see she was looking at the items carefully and chuckling to herself.
'You will like this, Sasha,'
Then the most appalling sounds came from the speaker. It was supposed to be cats singing Christmas Carols, but I didn't have the heart to tell Lynettea that was not what they were singing at all.
She does try. And can be very trying.
I gave a few miaouws and went outside to try to shut out the rude miaouws.
For once I thought paws over ears might be a good idea.


I spent quite some time under the bed. But people have gone now and Lynettea put on some Spanish guitar music, as she knows I find that very soothing. I am in my cosy on the lounge, giving myself a long and indulgent grooming session.

In Charge

Who is in charge?
I find it very uncomfortable when Lynettea tries to order me around. She thinks I cannot independently make up my own mind. We saw what a disaster occurred when we had the fire. Barely a thought was given to my welfare and I was shut in the back of the house with the acrid smoke around me.
'I thought you would run out the back into your enclosure, Sasha.'
How was I to know it would be safe for me there. And all those monsters tramping down the hall..
'They were firemen, Sasha.'
And now I am being heavily patrolled. I looked after myself pretty well during the fire. Now whenever she can't see me I have to MIAOUW. We can't keep this up!


I must get used to my schedule being disrupted. That is what Lynettea told me.
After hiding under the bed for a long time yesterday with the bedroom door shut I am not looking forward to today with confidence. Lynettea tells me she will shut me in the bedroom again when someone comes to change the water filter.
I feel safe in there.
One of Lynettea's friends was also here yesterday and she is always much too keen to pat me. She doesn't come very often, so I haven't got used to her behaviour. Lynettea told her to take no notice of me and I might come over to her then.
It was very difficult for the friend to do that. I could see her watching me all the time.
Eventually I let her pat me a bit.
'Thank you Sasha,' said Lynettea. 'You made my friend happy. She doesn't see such a royal cat as you very often.'
The friend made some unwanted remarks about me being thin.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Oh no! I just heard Lynettea on the phone and a tech is coming around to look at her security alarm for the smoke detection, which is not working properly since the fire.
I am not wanting to have more scary people in the house.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I thought it was going to be boring . . .

When I managed to get Lynettea on her lead and take her out this evening it was a bit boring after my adventures, although I don't want anything like that to happen. I was thinking, same old things, same old things and poking for insects in the dry leaves seemed a bit tame.
I leaped at the fence a couple of times, but with Lynettea at the end of the lead, I couldn't get to the top. I think she is jealous of my jumping skills.
'Don't go there, Sasha!'
Well I hear that too often.
We headed down the street and a few houses away I stopped at a usual spot on the footpath and sniffed around. A nice elderly lady used to live there who loved kitties. Diamond used to get patted by her until her relatives relocated her to a 'home' when she couldn't manage.
So we were just standing there quietly, me sniffing for interesting scents and Lynettea complaining that the wind was getting cold, when a dreadful barking started right near me. I backed away, my tail bristled to make me look larger. A big ginger dog was at the bars of the gate, jumping up and down and barking. I decided it would be better to take Lynettea home. When we went back behind my gate my tail stopped bristling.
It rather spoilt our walk.


After the last noisy incident I am appreciating some peace. I don't want scary firemen in the house. I have been in hiding yesterday and today, but it seems to be not as stressful now. Last night it was really dark before Lynettea allowed me to take her out. Maybe she was nervous? She wouldn't go on the garden in the tracks we usually follow, saying she might run into cobwebs.
She went out somewhere most of the day and I was in hiding.
So we didn't stay out long.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

secret sleeping place

After the disruptions of yesterday, with screaming alarms, fire engine noises, acrid smoke roiling through the house and firemen who look like space monsters in their work outfits, today I am taking it easy.
Lynettea doesn't know where I am, but I am well hidden.

Friday, December 5, 2014

I am back

Poor Lynettea. She got the whole place in a tangle looking for me. I heard her calling my name and she sounded so frantic that I leapleapstretched up to look through the bedroom window from the top of the recycling bin and miaouwed.
Even then she didn't know where I was. She said, 'Sasha, where are you? Please MIAOUW again so Mummy can hear you and find out where you are.'
 So, I miaouwed again. Still she couldn't find me. She looked under the bed. I felt sorry for her, as she seemed very distressed.
'Oh, there you are. What are you doing there?'
She rushed outside and opened the door of my enclosure so I could get in.
Then she rang her neighbour to let him know I was safe. That is Orla's father. He had been looking for me in Orla's yard. He told Lynettea that he had just been out to look, because he thought he heard a crash in his shed.
As for me I am not telling anyone where I was.
I can see I need to supervise Lynettea to tidy everything up.
The microwave is on the front porch, where the firemen put it. I think it is dead.

please purr for Sasha

My microwave caught on fire - the fire brigade came around and Sasha has vanished.
As an indoor cat he can't get out, unless he ran past the firemen as I stood in the street. But I have searched everywhere imaginable including his favourite hiding places.
I can only hope there is somewhere here I don't know of and when he feels comfortable he will reappear.
Dear Sasha, come back to your Mummy who loves you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

outside in the hot sun

We couldn't stay out long this morning, as Lynettea got too hot. I was cool lying in the shade under a bush.
We went out again at twilight and I found an interesting place around the bins. We have three bins: a regular rubbish bin, with a red lid, a green bin, with a green lid, and a recycle bin with a yellow lid. I had a nice time there looking in tufts for night creatures, while Lynettea sat in a chair and looked at the sky.
She loves looking at the sunset, if there is one. Tonight there were no clouds and it was a bit dull. Then a jet flew overhead leaving a long tail of clouds from its engines and the sun lit them up in a big pink swatch across the sky. So she was really pleased.
She kept requesting me to come and look and telling me about the phase of the moon. The moon was just hanging there, minding its own business.
I found it more interesting looking around on the ground, but I have always been very practical.


I want to go out. Take me now!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

are cats manipulative?

I was shocked to overhear Lynettea talking on the phone to the human belonging to one of my kitten friends, MitzĂ® the Devon Rex.
 Lynettea said to her friend, 'Cats are highly manipulative.'
She then listened to her friend talking about what Mitzi was eating and she swapped stories of what I was eating, and refusing to eat. It was very personally insulting.
 Lynettea ended by saying, 'Sasha is sleeping in the wardrobe.' She evidently thought she was safe, and didn't realize I had come out and was listening.
I sometimes think she doesn't realize I can understand what she says.
Here is a picture of me sleeping in the wardrobe, before I woke up and found myself being insulted.

asleep in the wardrobe

This morning I looked for a nice quiet place to sleep and found it in the wardrobe.
After a while Lynettea missed me. After she opened the wardrobe door she couldn't shut it again, as my dear little pawsies were sticking out.