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Monday, December 29, 2014

Another disrupted day

I was under the bed again for several hours while a man painted the wall that the microwave burnt. Lynettea shut the bedroom door so he couldn't find me and to keep the nasty smell away from me. I am very sensitive to bad chemical smells.
Lynettea told me he was a very cheerful young man and a good worker. She shouted at me when I tried to test the paint. It would have stuck on my pretty soft fur, according to her.
Not much else happened. I went out a couple of times to inspect the yard, towing Lynettea

Twilight: the remains of the day 

The birds have settled onto branches in secret places in the trees 

I am distressed at the daily news, but can do nothing about it.

Now is the time for cats to seek prey.

But all I can find is a tortoise made of clay.
along as usual and trying to comply with her awkward requests.
Why she doesn't want to stand under the crabapple tree and poke for insects I don't know.


Summer at said...

Humans don't understand the important things in life, like poking around for insects. smh

The Island Cats said...

I once tried to test the paint in our house and the mom wouldn't let me do it either. Humans are no fun.