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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cat Cafe Melbourne

Cat Cafe Melbourne has kindly allowed us to show some pictures of their cats in the cafe. The cats have all come from rescue shelters in Victoria.
If anyone is interested they can book a session with the cats. It would be hard to resist these felines. We hope there will be more cat cafes opening elsewhere in Australia.
We wondered how we could get a cup of tea poured by a cat (photo below). Sasha says he is not up to that, as it is female work. I must have neglected his early training, if he has turned out to be a male chauvinist.
Sasha: I am not a male chauvinist. I am a Russian Prince.


Summer at said...

That cat cafe looks amazing!

Pretinha said...

Muito legal!

Kari said...

Look at that black beauty! Our mum is swooning! If a patron fall in love with one of the cats, can the cat then be adopted?

meowmeowmans said...

Oooh, that cat cafe looks wonderful, Sasha! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. :)

Sasha said...

I don't know whether the cats can be adopted by patrons. There is nothing about that on the cat cafe Melbourne website. I think these are very specially chosen cats.

Angel Keisha said...

That is wonderful!