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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

cat song

I found myself locked in the wardrobe when Lynettea went shopping. I sprang out again when she opened the door.
'What are you doing in there, Sasha!!!?''
I felt rather crumpled, as there wasn't much room. She needs to get rid of some of her clothes and other items and make a reasonable sized space for me.
Lynettea put on some music from her music service. I could see she was looking at the items carefully and chuckling to herself.
'You will like this, Sasha,'
Then the most appalling sounds came from the speaker. It was supposed to be cats singing Christmas Carols, but I didn't have the heart to tell Lynettea that was not what they were singing at all.
She does try. And can be very trying.
I gave a few miaouws and went outside to try to shut out the rude miaouws.
For once I thought paws over ears might be a good idea.


Summer at said...

Oh, was it that awful Jingle Cats album? That is the worst!

Sasha said...

Yes. And there are more than one of these, some also with dog barks. We are listening to relaxation music for pets now. But I want a game.

Kari said...

Oh sweetheart! What a time you've had ! Fires, a workman in your home and now locked in a wardrobe!
And by your own mum, no less! The nerve of her.
You definitely need quiet time to relax. Lynettea needs to pamper you and offer you any tasty treats you'd like. She should have to work very hard to get back in your good graces.

Sasha said...

Hi Kari, you understand me. I tried to take Lynettea out on her lead this afternoon, but nasty water started to fall on me from the sky and Lynettea refused to switch it off.
We had to go back inside.

Kari said...

We cats should always present a united front on matters concerning our beans.

meowmeowmans said...

Oooh, yes, we're pretty sure those cats aren't singing carols! ;)