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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I must get used to my schedule being disrupted. That is what Lynettea told me.
After hiding under the bed for a long time yesterday with the bedroom door shut I am not looking forward to today with confidence. Lynettea tells me she will shut me in the bedroom again when someone comes to change the water filter.
I feel safe in there.
One of Lynettea's friends was also here yesterday and she is always much too keen to pat me. She doesn't come very often, so I haven't got used to her behaviour. Lynettea told her to take no notice of me and I might come over to her then.
It was very difficult for the friend to do that. I could see her watching me all the time.
Eventually I let her pat me a bit.
'Thank you Sasha,' said Lynettea. 'You made my friend happy. She doesn't see such a royal cat as you very often.'
The friend made some unwanted remarks about me being thin.

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