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Friday, December 19, 2014

Earning my Keep?

I am now eating so much expensive food that Lynettea said I might have to start earning my keep. She said she heard some children had lemonade stands in the street. I think she saw that in the cartoon Snoopy, as  she couldn't tell me where she had seen that near here.
Maybe, she told me, I could offer pats. She would take the money. I am not sure about this. I can be quite nervous going into the street.
Do you think she is serious?
After all the help I give her in the house, is it fair of her to ask me to bring in money as well?

Lynettea: 'I was not serious, Sasha.'


The Whiskeratti said...

Don't worry, all our 'rents say stuff like that ! But really they are just being silly.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Humans are always a bit silly Sasha - we take no notice of ours!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Angel Keisha said...

Your job is to be a good kitty. I think you do it very well! :)

Summer at said...

My human is always telling me that I am supporting the other two cats here! Do child labor laws include kittens?

Sasha said...

I must point that out to Lynettea, Summer. But I wouldn't want her arrested, as who would feed me then?