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Sunday, December 7, 2014

I thought it was going to be boring . . .

When I managed to get Lynettea on her lead and take her out this evening it was a bit boring after my adventures, although I don't want anything like that to happen. I was thinking, same old things, same old things and poking for insects in the dry leaves seemed a bit tame.
I leaped at the fence a couple of times, but with Lynettea at the end of the lead, I couldn't get to the top. I think she is jealous of my jumping skills.
'Don't go there, Sasha!'
Well I hear that too often.
We headed down the street and a few houses away I stopped at a usual spot on the footpath and sniffed around. A nice elderly lady used to live there who loved kitties. Diamond used to get patted by her until her relatives relocated her to a 'home' when she couldn't manage.
So we were just standing there quietly, me sniffing for interesting scents and Lynettea complaining that the wind was getting cold, when a dreadful barking started right near me. I backed away, my tail bristled to make me look larger. A big ginger dog was at the bars of the gate, jumping up and down and barking. I decided it would be better to take Lynettea home. When we went back behind my gate my tail stopped bristling.
It rather spoilt our walk.


Summer at said...

How unpleasant, Sasha! Dogs can be real fun killers.

Pretinha said...

Sasha, lamento que o cachorro tenha estragado a sua caminhada, mas eu achei que vocĂȘ foi bem corajoso!

Kari said...

Some dogs are very unpleasant. Noisy, boorish, loutish, dangerous. We blame their owners.