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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

In Charge

Who is in charge?
I find it very uncomfortable when Lynettea tries to order me around. She thinks I cannot independently make up my own mind. We saw what a disaster occurred when we had the fire. Barely a thought was given to my welfare and I was shut in the back of the house with the acrid smoke around me.
'I thought you would run out the back into your enclosure, Sasha.'
How was I to know it would be safe for me there. And all those monsters tramping down the hall..
'They were firemen, Sasha.'
And now I am being heavily patrolled. I looked after myself pretty well during the fire. Now whenever she can't see me I have to MIAOUW. We can't keep this up!

1 comment:

The Whiskeratti said...

yeah..... this is how moms are. She's just freaked out right now. This will pass in time. Just be patient.