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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

outside in the hot sun

We couldn't stay out long this morning, as Lynettea got too hot. I was cool lying in the shade under a bush.
We went out again at twilight and I found an interesting place around the bins. We have three bins: a regular rubbish bin, with a red lid, a green bin, with a green lid, and a recycle bin with a yellow lid. I had a nice time there looking in tufts for night creatures, while Lynettea sat in a chair and looked at the sky.
She loves looking at the sunset, if there is one. Tonight there were no clouds and it was a bit dull. Then a jet flew overhead leaving a long tail of clouds from its engines and the sun lit them up in a big pink swatch across the sky. So she was really pleased.
She kept requesting me to come and look and telling me about the phase of the moon. The moon was just hanging there, minding its own business.
I found it more interesting looking around on the ground, but I have always been very practical.


Pretinha said...

Sasha espero que você tenha encontrado algo interessante para caçar enquanto sua humana admirava o céu.

Summer at said...

My human needs to take me out more, Sasha - you get to go out all the time!

The Whiskeratti said...

Hey, there might be mice or bugs or something else tasty on the ground. Who wants to miss that ?

meowmeowmans said...

Sasha, we agree with you. There's lots of interesting stuff to be seen close to the ground!

Angel Keisha said...

Trips outside are fun!