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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Claus or Sandy Paws

Lynettea told me about Santa.
'Dear Sasha, many young kitties and humans believe there is a kindly and generous being, who delivers gifts to children and young kitties at Christmas. Kitties usually think of this being as Sandy Paws. Good kitties receive and enjoy gifts as a reward for their beneficial behaviour during the past year. Some kitties believe that Sandy Paws keeps a record of their behaviour.
'This might be difficult, considering how many kitties live in the world and also how many homeless kitties there must be, trying to scratch out a living somehow and survive another day.'

'Do you think I am a good kitty?'

'No kitty would have perfect behaviour, Sasha, but be assured you are my lovely darling cat and I feel Sandy Paws may have a little gift hidden somewhere for you.'

'Can I have it now?'

'It isn't Christmas yet, Sasha.'


The Whiskeratti said...

All kittehs are good, no matter what. And we bet you have a very nice present just waiting for you!

Summer at said...

Sasha, Binga is bad all year and she still gets presents. Nobody has been able to explain THAT to me!

meowmeowmans said...

We are pretty sure you are on Santa's GOOD list, Sasha. It's sort pf a sliding scale, we think. :)