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Saturday, December 27, 2014

typical teenager

I am listening to a TED talk on the radio, because Lynettea thought it might help me. She would like to enrol me in school and university, but there are insuperable barriers.
Anyway, according to the TED talk, I may be a typical teenager, obsessed with my on line profile and possibly ignoring real life activities.
 Also I am obsessed with what I eat and avoiding my reflection in the mirror. I must learn to value my individuality and my whole self and be free to become the best version of myself.
What would it mean to me to be freed from the voice of my inner critic. INNER CRITIC? What is that? Then I may become the change maker of tomorrow - now I can relate to that!
What shall I change first? Automatic feeding bowl?


Summer at said...

I'm a teenage kitty too... and supposedly teenagers are really obsessed with their appearance. But I think my human is more obsessed than I am because I get baths from her twice a month!

Sasha said...

Oh Summer, a bath!!!
I have heard that special show kitties may get baths. I do not take baths. Brushing,yes. I am brushed once a day. I had a kitty wipe once or twice.

Angel Keisha said...

Yay! U are smart!