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Saturday, December 20, 2014

We think a cat cafe is a good idea

We saw this post on Bocci's blog about a cat cafe
A great idea. We have lots of cafe's near us. It would be wonderful if there was one to help kitties. Especially if humans would get to know our personalities.
Here is a direct link to the cafe web site: The headerof the cat cafe blog says: America’s first permanent cat cafe is now open at 2869 Broadway in Oakland, CA!
The article on Bocci's blog says: The good word has spread, and cat cafes have arrived in Denver, Colorado, Naples, Florida, and downtown Manhattan. The picture is from Jim Wilson/New York times.

CAT CAFE IN MELBOURNE: Now we find there is a cat cafe in Melbourne. What a great idea. Let us have at least one in Adelaide, preferably in Norwood. 

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Summer at said...

Oakland is not far - not close by any means, but not far, relatively speaking - from us! It's basically an overnight trip driving. My human wants to go up there, except she would have to leave me at home.