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Sunday, December 21, 2014

why does fur fall out?

'Why does your fur keep falling out, Sasha?'
That was the question I was asked this morning.
'How do I know? Maybe it is shedding, so I will feel cooler on these hot days. Maybe if you were not using the Animal Vacuum the air would not heat up so much and I would feel cooler and then my furs would not fall out so much. Let me lie down and take a rest. Watching you do all this work is over exciting and I start to feel stressed.'


The Island Cats said...

Just tell her...because it does.

Summer at said...

We try to make sure our fur only lands on the humans and the couch. Otherwise it is wasteful.

Sasha said...

Dear Summer, How do you manage to control where your fur falls? That is a new trick for me. Diamond used to be able to make his fur fall all over the examination table when he went to the vet, even though he had been brushed before the trip.