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Saturday, January 31, 2015

worried about me

Lynettea says she is worried about me, as I have thrown up some of my food a few times over the last days. But I am eating the rest of it. She said maybe I am eating it too fast?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I went out

Of course I had to take Lynettea with me. I have to console myself with the thought that she needs exercise and without my efforts where would she get it? She is really lucky to have me and I think she knows it. I desperately try to give her mental stimulation, so we play games all over the house. One of my favourites is helping her make the bed. I leap on it and make her throw the ball so I can play chasies back and forth down the hall and on and off the bed. This is designed to keep her mentally alert.
Sometimes I try everything I can think of and then give up and go to sleep.
Then I might consider advertising for another family to adopt me that would be more fun.
I had better not let Lynettea see that or her feelings might be hurt.
A strange thing, human feelings. They often seem to have none and then get all concerned and give you a lot of cuddling and saying 'most precious cat' and 'my darling kitty' and stuff like that.
Never a thank you for all the thought and care I put into training her to becoming barely acceptable as a kitty friend.
It is all very curious and could be disheartening, if I was a gloomy sort  of cat.
Thankfully, I am extremely tolerant and forgiving.


When I stand up on my hind legs to give Lynettea a few reminder taps with my paws, my head is higher than the table.
She says, 'You are a big kitty, Sasha!'
I lie down on the floor and MIAOUW. Then I climb up on the bookshelves and gaze mournfully out of the window at the vegetables.
Then I go out into my enclosure.
Lynettea says I have a lot of conversation with her, but she can't go out just yet. What does she mean? She has only just come home! It is my turn now.


This morning I really tried. I even climbed along the backs of chairs, trying to get Lynettea's attention. But no. She fed me and I ate and then threw some of it up.
She cleaned it up and said,'I hope you are not ill, Sasha.'
 Then she sat down and wrote. She gets her topic for the day and then writes an email on her phone, to herself, with her writing for the day. She thinks I have gone to bed. It is very quiet and she was a long time writing. I think the fish must be swimming around hungrily looking for their food, which hasn't landed. Well, I tried my best...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


My blog is being neglected while Lynettea is doing her writing course every day. I feel sad about this and apologize to my furriends.

Sasha waiting

Saturday, January 24, 2015


This morning did not start well. Lynettea received a prompt from her writer’s course and grimaced. I couldn't see the prompt at first, but while she was putting her Weetbix in her plate and pouring that unhealthy soy milk on top, I managed to look at the email on her phone. Not good news. I hastily ate some of my breakfast and requested her to take me outside. It is a lovely day here, with warm sunshine resting on my petunias and the other plants.

She needs to go out and I must remember that. Fresh air and exercise. All good.

At last she was ready to go. As I got her to buckle on the halter, I hoped she had not taken too much notice of the prompt. 'Imagine you are a god for the day and make everything happen as you want.' Usually I only have to use my VOICE OF COMMAND a few times during the day. Today, what would happen?

We walked towards the first test, the rat hole in the fence at the back of the vegetable bed. We are growing rocket, perpetual lettuce, Asian greens, spring onions and chives, with a parsley bush going to seed, a chilli bush and two soybean plants.

'No, Sasha, come back. I don't want you anywhere near the rat hole.'

Instead of tugging on the lead, I felt an eerie sense of compulsion and walked OBEDIENTLY down the path to the front gate.

Lynettea said, ‘It would be nice for you to take a walk down the street, Sasha.'

She knows I only like to go out after dark. Again I felt that eerie sense of compulsion and walked straight down the steps and into the street. Strangely enough, I didn't even feel nervous. It was quiet and no one else was there. Usually we see people walking and cars rushing past.

After we had a pleasant stroll in the street, we went back into the garden and I inspected the back fence. When I leapt up, Lynettea said, as usual, ‘Don’t jump, Sasha.'

Then she held me up for a bit and said I was warm and soft. I let her hold me without telling her, by wriggling, ‘I am not a toy.' After this, she suggested we go in and I OBEDIENTLY ran straight into my outdoor enclosure.

I thought I might rest somewhere out of sight for the remainder of the day. Things were getting out of hand.

LATER: I wake up from where I am sleeping under the fur throw and realize it is time for Lynettea to stop working on the computer. I put my paws up towards her shoulder and use the VOICE OF COMMAND to tell her to stop.

Ah! Good! She gets up. ‘Oh Sasha, where have you been?’

Things are back to normal.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

getting attention

If I sit in the in tray, will I get her attention? She is so busy working at her January writing course that she is not helping me post on my blog. I managed to get a couple of selfies, but couldn't post them.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mother's little helper

I was excited today. Lynettea was going to shut me inside while she took the garbage out to the bins. Then she said to me, 'Would you like to be mother's helper, Sasha? You could help me when I take out the rubbish.' So she put my halter on and we went out together.
I lay on the driveway for a while and then we went down the street a short way together. I was able to check out various bits of paper, car tyres and clumps of vegetation. It is very important to check what is going on around the place where you live.

She should consult me

Do not bring home replacement items unless you have consulted me first.

for example, this bed, which looked bigger in the pet store, is smaller than the one I already have.
And I do not want it in this position on the bed, because that is where I sit to have a game scrabbling with my claws at your arms. Here, I will teach you a bit of a lesson.
Lynettea: 'Dear Sasha, perhaps I should call you Slasher, beloved cat.'

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lovely card from Michico

We received a beautifully painted card from Michico with her family of cats and daughter.
What a wonderful surprise in the letterbox. Lynettea showed me at once and we put it on the dresser.
Thank you very much Michico. We will treasure it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

who is the leader?

I am concerned by recent developments. This evening, I was reclining comfortably on the driveway when Lynettea told me she wanted to go outside in the street for her walkies. Sometimes I take her, but tonight it wasn't convenient.
She started tugging on her lead and every time I wanted to check to see if there were any more small lizards hiding near the wall in the clump of small plants she started pulling me away and saying, 'let's go outside Sasha. It will be nice outside.'
Who is the leader here, might I ask?
She used the flashie on one of these photos, which made my eyes shut. So I asked her to take another with my eyes open. I didn't do this abstract painting. I asked Lynettea whether it was one of Diamond's. She said she bought it long ago. Lynettea must be really old. I wonder if she is capable of looking after me properly. I worry about these things.


I have been busy trying trying to stop the rat and the birds from eating our grapes. As I am not allowed to leave my enclosure it is very difficult to guard properly and they take no notice of me.
Lynettea says she can smell the scent of the ripening grapes on the breeze wafting in through the kitchen window. The birds peck the ripe grapes with their sharp beaks and we saw the rat run up the fence in broad daylight heading into the vine. There are a lot of rats around this year as the weather has been good for growing things, as long as you water the plants. A lot of people in this suburb have some fruit and vegetables growing.
I have put a picture of my petunias as well.  I love flowers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Here I am

Here I am in my favourite position. I like to spend most of the day here. If you can't see me, just raise the mock mink throw over the lounge and I might or might not be there. There seems to be a slight bulge.

Monday, January 12, 2015


After Lynettea went out she showed me the pictures she took of the sunset.
And we watched one of my wildlife programs about animals in Northern India.
There are only 500 Hoolock Gibbons left. We were very sorry to find that out. We got the gibbon pictures from the television show.


Yesterday evening we went out for a nice Walkies. I found a lizard in a dark place of plants by the house wall. Then I took it inside to my enclosure. Lynettea was forced to run in with me, as I had her firmly on the lead. She said, 'I am looking forward to getting my dinner, Sasha.'
Then she noticed I had something in my mouthie. I dropped it.
'NAUGHTY SASHA! What have you got there?'
Well it ran off under the roll holder for the garden hose. There was something small on the ground. Very tiny and wriggling.
'The poor thing has had to drop its tail. NAUGHTY SASHA.' And she picked me up and put me inside and shut the door. When I got back outside again there was no sign of the tail or the lizard. I waited a long time, but didn't find it.
I had to eat my usual dinner.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I have retreated into my safe place under the mock fur throw over the lounge, so I am beaming these thoughts to Lynettea.
After it started to cool down yesterday I started to stretch my limbs and exercise. I rushed back and forth down the hall. Our little house makes a runway for me from the front door to the back and then I dart through my cat flap and into my large pergola area, which Lynettea shares with me.  The fish live there too, in their pond.

I am not used to having the front door open. We have a security door, which has mesh to stop mosquitoes coming in, as well as our solid door. I ran down the hall really fast and sprang up on the security door. Crash! Bang! Lynettea came to see what was going on.
'See how high I can jump.' I thought she would be proud of me, flattened against the door only a short way from the top.
'Naughty Sasha! Get down. You will tear the wire.'
I rushed down the hall, sprang on the table and then hurled myself forward to the top of a chair on my way to the sink. Crash!!! The chair toppled over to the floor and the seat came off.
I wasn't hurt, don't worry. I think Lynettea may have been annoyed, but she started to laugh. After that things got a bit quieter.

Friday, January 9, 2015


The rain has come and we have all the doors and windows open, letting in the fresh cool air. The house has been like a sauna, but now I feel energized.
Surely the rain has put out the fires by now?
The water is falling straight down so we don't have to close the windows. It is still warm and humid inside, but we can bathe in the cool breeze.
But am I a cute cat? 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My gift arrives

My special gift  I made for Lynettea came today and she was very pleased with it. It is a calendar for the desk and has pictures of me and of Diamond, with little poems written by the both of us.
 I thought Lynettea might feel it was too sad to have pictures of Diamond, but she said no, she thinks it is nice to be reminded of him. He was a loving friend for her.
The fires are still burning, but we aren't listening to the radio all the time now. Lynettea is worried that I seem to be very nervous and rush under the bed whenever anyone comes in. A friend of hers visited today before they went out for lunch and I ran straight into the house and under the bed before the friend could see me.
Lynettea said she was allergic to kitties, so probably just as well. But she is worried about my nervous state.
Now while she is helping me with my blog post, I am comfortably reclining in my cosy on the lounge and grooming myself in the breeze from the air conditioner.
It is still very hot today and tomorrow is also expected to be very hot.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fires still burning

We heard on the news that the fires are still burning. The circumference- which is if you walked in a big ring around them, is 179 kilometers.
12 houses have been burnt and another 20 are threatened.
Quite a lot of people have fled to emergency shelters and there is a phone number people can ring to get or offer assistance.
Fire info messages being broadcast on the radio and we are listening to one now. Fires are still burning uncontrollably in all directions. These are new warnings as well as the ones from yesterday.
People in some places are also being asked to stay inside so they won't breathe the smoke.
 The weather is cooler and more humid at expected max of 31C today,
Perusing the daily news. 
which means aircraft fighting the fires can take to the air. Also fire crews have come from interstate and thousands more fire fighters can come if called.
Many people are ringing in to offer help.
As for me I am looking at empty food plates. MIAOUW

Saturday, January 3, 2015


It is cooler here now - around 28C, but the fires are still burning in the Hills. People keep ringing the radio to tell what happened. We were shocked to hear that one boarding kennels was burnt and all the cats that were boarding were killed in the fire. A lot of the dogs were saved, as they were in another part the fire didn't destroy. People have lost houses, but many have not lost their houses, but all their land is scorched. The fires are burning this way and that in the fireground, as they call it, a huge area of more than 100 kilometres in circumference. Many of the native animals will have lost their homes and perhaps their lives.
I have spent the day relaxing in air-conditioning. Others have not been so fortunate. Fire-fighters have worked non stop and also residents; many have worked all night and day. Teams are arriving tonight from NSW and they will also start to fight the fires tomorrow.
The fire danger will also now move across Victoria, with the excessive heat.
Only a few days of slightly cooler weather until Wednesday, when it will be 38C again. The fire-fighters will continue fighting the fires, hoping that they don't get a lot worse on Wednesday.

fire crews coming from NSW tomorrow

But at the moment it is just up to SA fire crews. In the south east of the State crews from Victoria are helping. It is now nearly 13:00 on Saturday Jan 3. The time thing on the blog is different from our time. I have got up now and am sitting on the kitchen table listening to the radio.

In one town, at least, Gumeracha,  residents have been told it is too late for them to leave and they will have to stay to defend their homes. Hopefully everyone is safe.

These fires are completely out of control right now and it is very difficult to do anything about them. People are warned that they will be killed by exposure to the radiant heat before they ever see the flames. It is difficult to see anything because of the smoke ahead of the fires, which are burning outward in all directions.
Apparently the fire was started by someone's incinerator. Unbelievable that someone in an area like that could do something so dangerous.
Community centres and various churches are taking in refugees from the fires. So far no lives lost. People fleeing the fires could be incinerated in their cars, which is why they are being advised to stay in their homes when the roads to escape have become too dangerous.
Rain is now falling from thunderstorms in some places. Elsewhere it is still dry.
The winds are changing, but some of the fires may burn on for weeks.
The Fire Services are advising people to leave several towns before it is too late. Roads are blocked so people can't go into the fire areas.

Premier is warning about the fire hazard

I think we are safe here, but we just heard the State Premier warning people south of the fire to implement their fire plans and leave immediately if they planned to go. The fire could possibly reach even highly populated areas of the Hills. People keep phoning the radio station, some staying in their house and some leaving for a safe zone.
The CFS may have to stand down when the high winds come.
We are waiting for the winds to come in from the south. Some of the fires are burning erratically in all directions, threatening various towns.
Now we are hearing that the wind is slowly changing on the plains.

Fire Storm

9:15 am Saturday 3 January: I am still in my cosy relaxing under the breeze from the airconditioning. Usually we listen to the gardening program at this time on Saturday, but today is a day of catastrophic fire danger and fires (huge fires) are burning uncontrollably in the hills.
We are in Adelaide but we are thinking of friends near Lobethal and Cherryville and hoping they are safe. So there is no gardening program on the radio, only a continuous broadcast about the fires, mostly warning people.
High winds are about to spring up at 11:00 a.m. and the fire bombing planes won't be able to fly and the firefighters will have to leave.
Everyone in the towns South of the rampaging uncontrollable fire is being told to implement their fire plans and leave immediately if that is their plan.
What happens is the fire rages forward, sending the eucalyptus trees up in flame, as they are full of combustible oils, then sparks fly forward of the firefront alighting on more vegetation, or houses, which in turn catch fire. So the fire can go at a huge speed, as spot fires ahead of the main fire front then become the main front.
We are also afraid for all the domestic animals and all the native animals living there. I feel helpless lying here, but Lynettea says that is all I can do. People from the fire areas are moving into community shelter areas and even places like football ovals and animals are being evacuated from shelters into Adelaide.
Outside it smells very smoky.

A hot start to 2015

It was 44.3 C here in Adelaide today.
What a hot start to the year!
Even I was affected by the heat. Lynettea said I looked half dead. But I find the best plan is to conserve energy, so I just lay still until she filled the food bowl.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the safety of my cosy on the lounge.
Lynettea took some TV photos of the biggest fireworks show in the world, on Sydney Harbour. The last photo shows the waterfall of fire from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.