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Saturday, January 17, 2015

She should consult me

Do not bring home replacement items unless you have consulted me first.

for example, this bed, which looked bigger in the pet store, is smaller than the one I already have.
And I do not want it in this position on the bed, because that is where I sit to have a game scrabbling with my claws at your arms. Here, I will teach you a bit of a lesson.
Lynettea: 'Dear Sasha, perhaps I should call you Slasher, beloved cat.'


Angel Keisha said...

Sleepy time is good. I used to like to jump on my Dad's bed.

Photo Cache said...

Oh noes, that is not cool. Kittehs should have the final, er the only say on cat beds.

Emma and Buster

Summer at said...

Sasha, your human broke an important Cat Rule by bringing home a bed without consulting you and getting your approval! You have your routine, and an unwanted bed is not going to change that.

Sasha said...

thanks for you support my friends.

Georgia and Julie said...

We agree that you should have been consulted!
You want to play and she calls you "Slasher" :o
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ