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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It was hot and now it is cool. I took Lynettea out for her walkies and now she says I have to help her with her Japanese homework. She has to write a few sentences to read out, but she usually can't manage it and uses something I have written.
What a life!


猫 = cat. neko
子猫 = kitten. koneko
Last year we were trying to do Chinese as well, but I think her brain is not capable of trying two languages.


猫 = cat. māo
小猫 = kitten. xiǎo māo

It is interesting how the words for cat look the same in Japanese and Chinese. The parts that add on to show 'kitten' are different.
子 = ko  the Japanese for 'child' 
小 = xiǎo  in Chinese and means 'small'
小 = ko in Japanese and means 'small'

We thought it was interesting that a kitten in Japanese is a child cat and in Chinese is a small cat.
I am busy and my brain is whirling.


meowmeowmans said...

We are glad it cooled off enough for you and Lynettea to have walkies, Sasha.

We are impressed that Lynettea is studying Japanese. It is a very hard language -- and those Kanji are very intricate!

Summer at said...

How cool that you are learning new languages, Sasha!