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Thursday, February 26, 2015


We are now thinking of having a Committee meeting about the blog. We like the idea of a Committee, because it makes us all feel important. We are not sure about a few things and we are still considering them.
1. Should Lynettea be on the Committee? Her role is purely administrative anyway, so we could just tell her what to do. I could instruct her to turn on the computer when we need it.
2. It will be difficult for us to physically meet. I could walk out to the pond, which is in my enclosure anyway, although the fish claim it as their territory.
a. Millie doesn't want to rest on the edge of the pond, as she is afraid of falling in or getting splashed, which could ruin her motor.
b. The fish are concerned that they might not hear everything, as they live mostly underwater. They don't think they can poke their heads up from the water for the whole meeting. Apparently they would not be able to breathe with their heads in the air. How strange!
3. Maybe we will have to instruct Lynettea to make a virtual meeting place for us on the computer. Like the picture of me in the rainforest for Valentine's Day.
4. another dot point, because I rather like them.


Summer at said...

Why a committee when it's really your blog, Sasha? Everybody else is here at your pleasure, right? ;-)

Georgia and Julie said...

Well Sasha, it IS your blog so Lynettea should so as you ask.
If a virtual meeting is agreeable to all, that is good .
If not, it is still your blog ;)
We look forward to hearing the outcome.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Angel Keisha said...

I think a committee would be fun. You could have snacks.