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Saturday, February 21, 2015


It is very hot again and I have stayed inside most of the day.
I have spent time in my cosy on the bed, curled up on the mock mink on the lounge, in my cosy on the lounge and stretched out on the cool floorboards.
I didn't want to stay out on the lead walking Lynettea for too long this morning either, so she sprayed water over my plants and put some shade cloth on the top of my petunias.
'That will keep them looking fresh, Sasha,' she said.
But I noticed when the shade of the shed fell on them this afternoon they looked rather squashed and not fresh at all.
Now she is refusing to let me take her out for her walk, and it is only 35.5°C.
At 8:45 pm it is getting towards dark. The best time to walk.
I have spent some time lying on the floor and raising my dear little head to miaouw at her, but she isn't moving.
MIAOUW MIAOUW I am trying to use my Voice of Command, but it isn't working.
All the little lizards will be darting about in the bushes and I can't get out to have a game with them.


Summer at said...

I hope my human isn't this much trouble when it is summer here, Sasha!

Georgia and Julie said...

You must insist Sasha!
Evening would be the best and most interesting time for a walk when it is that warm :)
Tell her you have lizards to chase!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Sasha said...

Oh, well! It was too hot, according to Lynettea, so we watched tee vee. It was boring as there were no cats so we fell asleep. Then I jumped on the bookshelf and did high up stretches and now we will go to bed. It is still hot.

meowmeowmans said...

For some reason, Sasha, humans have far less tolerance for the heat as us cats. Maybe tomorrow night will be cooler, and Lynettea will take you for a walk then.