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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Resting before the Big Day

It is forecast to be very hot tomorrow, 39 C. Lynettea is worried that I will get over excited and stressed that I must rest today.
I am not sure what I am resting for. It sounds as if my second birthday will be just like every other day, except that it will be hotter.
Can you see where I am resting? I have my tunnel ready for when I rush out and my favourite teddy is lying near one of my play balls. My other teddies are waiting in their chair nearby to see if I will favour one of them.


Summer at said...

We kitties actually have a higher heat tolerance than humans do - you might want to remind your human of that.

Sasha said...

She is looking at your words, Summer. You are very knowledgeable for a young cat. I think you will go a long way.

The Island Cats said... times are ahead! :)