seeing off the terrier

I was just taking Lynettea for her walkies down the street. It was twilight with a beautiful sunset, so Lynettea told me.
I was too busy checking the bushes and tyres to notice.
Then suddenly a girl crossed the street and started to walk towards us with a terrier dog. Lynettea shouted towards her that she had a cat and at first the girl didn't take any notice.
So we started to walk back towards our gate. Then, when we looked around, she had crossed back to the other side.
The terrier barked as they went past where I was standing, observing it from the our side of the road.
False bravado, I thought. But I have to make sure Lynettea is safe.


The Whiskeratti said…
You are good to guard your Mom.
Yeah, those terriers sometimes aren't fond of strange humans.

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