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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wild Evening

I am tired today and have curled myself up very small on the mock mink throw over the lounge. Lynettea said, 'Do you want a cuddly, Sasha.' So she put a cushion on her lap and I sat there for a while and let her appreciate my soft furs and my delightful personality before I snuggled down beside her. After a while she went off to do some 'necessary' housework. I had helped her earlier with the floor dusting, so I thought I had made my efforts for the day.
Last night I spent some time chasing imaginary creatures up and down the hallway, over the chairs, around the television, up and down the bed. I knocked over a chair on the porch. Lynettea told me to settle down, as she didn't want a wild kitty in the house. I wondered where the wild kitty was and wondered if I could play with it.
Just as well she has me to look after her. I try my best, although she is not always very entertaining or obedient.
That is why people think I have such an endearing personality.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Lynettea says the cooler weather is coming soon. I am helping her make the bed. I don't think we should rush into busy activities, as I think she needs more rest and a lot more time to spend looking after ME ME ME.
I wonder if my photo shows my true beauty? Lynettea says true beauty is inside and you are beautiful if you have a good character and show goodwill. I am wondering if this is just a ploy to get me off the bed.

Friday, March 27, 2015

In The WAy

I have spent a lot of my time this morning helping Lynettea around the house. I must say she is not a grateful person. I usually curl up and go to sleep somewhere. I have now retreated into my tunnel. Serve her right if she can't see me.
The fish were not particularly grateful either when I supervised them at their greedy feeding time. I would like to think my influence would get the big fish to let the small fish snatch a fair share of the food. But I am sad to say, when I watch them, they all just dive underneath and look for their food lower down.
Lynettea called me to come inside, but when I tried to help her by guiding the mop, she just pushed it around me. I tried to guide it with my pawsies from under the table, the kitchen chairs, the bed, the chairs in the loungeroom and I also looked after several pieces of the floor in the bathroom and laundry so they would not be all nasty wet. Well we have finished that now, and the washing is all done and hung outside on the drying rack.
I suppose she will go out now.

Lynettea thought it was funny to put MY BEAR in a box

So. I am awake now.

After the way you treat my offers of help ...

I think I will settle down for a rest where you can't see me.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Posts

I am frantic, I am pawing at Lynettea every time she goes on the computer. She put a tall post for me to supervise her, right near the computer and I have just been sitting there reminding her of her pledge to look after me in every way. She is too busy right now, she says.
'As soon as I have finished this busy time, Sasha,' she says.

Friday, March 6, 2015

More haiku hints

I have just posted two more haiku hints to help kitties. Lynettea is helping me to think of extra hints. I want to write some haiku myself. After thinking of my new hints I am having a rest.
We haven't progressed further about our Committee Meeting.
Lynettea has offered to prepare some snacks and drinks for us so we don't have to go to the cafe.

Our blog attendance is continuing to fall, so if you are here you must be one of our devoted readers. We had a lot of kitties visiting us from China, but they are no longer here. Perhaps our blog has been proscribed as subversive.

We will look for some new pictures.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

when will our meeting happen?

Nothing has been decided yet. This is a picture of the café. We don't know how Sasha got his picture included.
We think the café is too close to traffic outside and it is too noisy inside for us to communicate properly.
They offer a lot of foods, but there is not a lot of choice for fish
Sasha could get a chicken sandwich and throw away the bread.
Mille is worried that her battery might go flat if she has to go all the way to the end of the street.
Lynettea says she has a big plastic tub we could all get in but it would be too heavy for her to carry.
I suggested that I could represent all the fish, but the other fish say they would be nervous if I leave them alone in the pond.

Princess Aurora

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

arrangements for our committee meeting?

We have to work out our arrangements for our Committee meeting. We are thinking we could go to a cafe, as there is a trendy cafe at the end of our street. The fish and Millie Robomaid like the sound of that. They like to see people. I feel a bit nervous of strangers and some people could be walking past with their dogs.
We are also thinking about refreshments, because if we have a long meeting, some of us might get hungry and thirsty.