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Friday, March 27, 2015

In The WAy

I have spent a lot of my time this morning helping Lynettea around the house. I must say she is not a grateful person. I usually curl up and go to sleep somewhere. I have now retreated into my tunnel. Serve her right if she can't see me.
The fish were not particularly grateful either when I supervised them at their greedy feeding time. I would like to think my influence would get the big fish to let the small fish snatch a fair share of the food. But I am sad to say, when I watch them, they all just dive underneath and look for their food lower down.
Lynettea called me to come inside, but when I tried to help her by guiding the mop, she just pushed it around me. I tried to guide it with my pawsies from under the table, the kitchen chairs, the bed, the chairs in the loungeroom and I also looked after several pieces of the floor in the bathroom and laundry so they would not be all nasty wet. Well we have finished that now, and the washing is all done and hung outside on the drying rack.
I suppose she will go out now.

Lynettea thought it was funny to put MY BEAR in a box

So. I am awake now.

After the way you treat my offers of help ...

I think I will settle down for a rest where you can't see me.


Georgia and Julie said...

Serves her right if you hide in your tunnel.
She should have thanked you for trying to help! We know you would have made sure she did a good job ;)
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Donna Rail said...

I think extra hugs would help. :)


Angel Keisha
Murphy the Poodle

Summer at said...

That's right, Sasha - remove your presence from her until she shapes up!

meowmeowmans said...

We are shocked that Lynettea and the fish were not more appreciative of all your help, Sasha. Yes, a good nap where they can't find you is a fine idea.

Ms. Phoebe said...

Sometimes our humans need to be taught a lesson, you are using an impressive technique as they go nuts when they cannot see or find us. I do the same with my human when required and she hates it, yet it is always effective for afterward she showers me with attention and treats. Discipline has its benefits!