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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Bilby Time

This is not a good time of year for me, as everyone is talking about Easter bunnies. Then someone mentions Easter Bilbies and how endangered bilbies have become and many other small native animals. They are all doing it tough. Then everyone turns and glares at me, because everyone knows who is causing the problem: introduced rabbits and FERAL CATS.
I hardly get a chance to catch bilbies from my confined quarters, so why is everyone staring at me?
Lynettea was riding on the bus today on her way to the dentist, when she overheard a conversation between two men.
One man asked the other, 'Have you bought your rabbit traps yet, for Easter?'
She wasn't sure if this was meant to be humorous.
And why is there no special Easter food for cats?


Summer at said...

How stupid to try to put any blame on you, Sasha - you are certainly not a feral cat! And what about all the damage humans themselves do to the habitat of these endangered species? They are certainly reluctant to point the fingers at themselves, aren't they?

meowmeowmans said...

WE agree with what Summer said! Humans have done far more damage to the planet than any other species. Don't let them blame you for a second, Sasha.

Ms. Phoebe said...

Humans that believe the results of the misleading and exaggerated so called studies that claim this are ignorant. You and any other kitties, feral or not, are not the main cause of the endangerment of native species. It is humans themselves and what they do to the environment that lead to the problem.