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Monday, April 6, 2015

Hunting for Easter Eggs

On Easter Sunday we went hunting for any eggs the Easter Bilby might have left in the garden at night when we were asleep. I went straight to the native violets, as we thought it would be bilby habitat.

There were no eggs in the native violets
Lynettea looked up at the quince tree. She said, 'Maybe the Easter Bilby thought we already had eggs, Sasha.'
But I thought to myself how could the quinces be mistaken for eggs?
Then we looked in the flowers. My petunias in one container are being overtaken by tomatoes, but there were no eggs.
At first I thought these might have been strange looking eggs. But no, they are shallots. Lynettea pulled up one to cook for her dinner.
I looked up towards the grapevine, but couldn't see any eggs there. Or any nests either. The leaves are turning yellow because it is autumn.
Underneath the grapevine my catnip plants are growing. They grow wild into a catnip jungle. But there are no eggs hidden there either. I was very disappointed and decided to go inside again. When we went into my enclosure, Lynettea said, 'I wonder what is in that box, Sasha?'
There was something inside the box. It wasn't an egg. It was a round object. I peered at it and then rattled the box and the round thing shot out and bounced.
'It is a ping pong ball,' said Lynettea. 'The Easter Bilby must have known that neither of us eat chocolate and has left you a ping pong ball to play with instead.
After that I had a good game with some of my toys and the ping pong ball. I hope all kitties had an enjoyable Easter celebration.


Summer at said...

I think a ping pong ball is WAY better than chocolate. My human doesn't think so but we will have to agree to disagree!

The Island Cats said...

How nice that the Easter Bilby left you the fun ping pong ball.

meowmeowmans said...

That Easter Bilby is SMART! A ping pong ball is way better than chocolate or an egg!

Donna Rail said...

Hope u got some jelly beans!


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