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Thursday, May 7, 2015

top of the class

I scored well in my exam. In fact I  was top  of  the  class . Lynettea says that doesn't count  because  I  was  the  only  one  in  the  class . My Vet let me hide under the blankie part of the time. I  didn't  think he  should  have  laughed, though.
I am now 4.7 kilos and have an excellent coat of furs.
We had a nasty ride in the taxi to the Veterinary Surgery. The taxi driver kept telling Lynette she would have to wipe the seat with a cloth after my carrier was on it. The carrier was perfectly clean.
Then he tried to make Lynettea climb out with the carrier into the traffic. She told him the seat was already clean and climbed out onto the footpath, where  it  was  safe  for  her.
This is me singing.


Summer at said...

That taxi driver sounds like he was nasty!

Sasha said...

The taxi driver on the way back wanted to drop Lynettea at the end of the street because he couldn't be bothered driving around. She can't carry me all that way, so she insisted he drive around and stop at our house.Then he made nasty comments on whether she could afford the fare.
The standard is pretty low nowadays.

meowmeowmans said...

That taxi driver sounds like a real loser, Sasha. I am sorry that he was so nasty to you and Lynettea.

We are very happy that your exam went so well, though. :)


Georgia and Julie said...

The taxi drivers sound like a pretty disrespectful bunch! Maybe they need to be in other work ;)
Glad you did well on your check up.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Kari said...

Taxi drivers are an evil lot the world over, sweetheart.
Glad you're home safe and sound.