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Friday, June 5, 2015

I want to be a pet therapy cat

Since everyone seems full of praise for pet therapy cats, I thought I would like to make that my career.
Lynettea laughed when I said that to her.
She said, 'Sasha, if you were to go to a nursing home, the residents would have to crouch down and reach under the bed to pat you. I don't think elderly people would be able to do that.'
How insulting! Although it is true I would be nervous.
'Don't worry,' said Lynettea, 'perhaps you could be my personal pet therapy cat. You know how you love to help me!'
Well, I might think about it...


Summer at said...

I think all kitties are therapy cats in one way or another.

The Island Cats said...

Maybe if you work really hard you could be a therapy cat. sounds like too much work! ;)

meowmeowmans said...

Yes, we think being a therapy cat for Lynettea is a fine idea, Sasha! We are all therapy cats for our own humans, right?