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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

my wound

Dear Kitties, I have a missing piece of fur on my left shoulder. Lynettea doesn't know what caused it. She was very concerned when she noticed it on Friday and rang up my Vet. Unfortunately there were no appointments until Monday, so she made one for the afternoon.
By Monday morning she found it hard to see the blank place in the fur, so she rang the Vet place and cancelled the appointment. The nurse told her to bring me in if I had an abscess. The nurse said I would be feeling poorly, if I had an abscess and it would be a painful lump under the skin.
Since then she keeps trying to feel me. I am not very keen on this. I am eating up my food well and jumping around.
Lynettea says she is hoping for the best.
I know she doesn't like taking me to the Vet as it is traumatic for me. I think she will keep on feeling me, so I hope the fur grows over soon and I don't have to go.

Monday, July 13, 2015

winter velvet

Today  I  am  sleeping  in  my  velvet  winter  house .
Lynettea  got  it  down  from  its  hiding  place  on  a  top  shelf  in  the  wardrobe  a  couple  of  days  ago. On  the  first  day  I  just  inspected  it, then she  put  it  on  top  of  a  pile  of  my  'not  currently  in  use  toys'.
'Maybe you don't  want  to  use  it, Sasha,' she  said.
So she  was  surprised  when  she  came  back  from  shopping  to  find me  curled  up  inside.
The  photo  is  dark, because she  didn't want  to  worry  me  with  a  flashy.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Games for cats

I was listening to a radio  program  about  cats  playing  games  on  their  iPad. Lynettea said she would get a game for me. I don't have an iPad  and  neither  does  Lynettea. But  she  does  have  a tablet  she  hadn't used for  a  long  time. So  she  got  it  out  and  spent  all  day  with  it  plugged  in  updating  itself.
Then  with  great  excitement, she  found  several  games  and  downloaded  me  a  fish  and  a  bird  game.
Were they  interesting?
Maybe  for  cats  who  don't  have  a  fishpond  of  their  own  or  can't  see  any  real  birds. Lynettea  tried  her  best, but I  found  it  more  interesting  to  keep  on  grooming  myself .
After  all  that  work, I  think  she  may  try  again

Saturday, July 11, 2015


My training program for fitness has stalled. It is cold and raining and the wind is trying to get under the doors. Best  to  stay  on  the  couch. I am  even  letting  my  bear  stay  here  although  I usually  throw  him  to  the  floor.

Friday, July 10, 2015


Lynettea is busy writing for a special month of prompts from the writers centre and she says she has no time to help me with my blog.
I caught her looking at a website on training dogs. I was standing up with my front paws propped on her knee and staring at her phone tablet. 'What are you looking at that for?' I asked, but she pretended not to hear me.
Then she tapped in, 'Cat training'.
The dog training site stressed that positive behavioural reinforcement was not the only answer when training dogs.
What does she want to look up cat training for? First of all, we don't have any dogs. I hope this does not mean she is considering getting a dog. Second, if she has any questions about cat training, she only has to ask me. I don't have much experience, but if one of her friends has a badly behaved cat, I might be able to give her some advice.
I would have thought a website on training humans might be a good idea. It would be a most useful resource for cats.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

evening snack

I just leapt on the laminex and licked  peanut  butter  from  a  knife .  Lynettea says this is naughty. But I like it. Why can't  I  have  peanut  butter .  I  want  it .  Yummy  food .

my sports circuit

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I received a great insult from Lynettea. She told me my blog must be the diary of a nobody, as I have no experience outside the home.
Whose fault is that?
She told me she needs to keep me safe. Does she mean safe and boring?
'I can't even describe a lot of the world to you, Sasha, as you cannot relate it to your home environment and won't know what I am talking about.'
'Try me!'
'Well there is a place you would not like...'
'How do you know that?'
'Let me describe it and see what you think. It is covered with gritty substance, like your cat litter, but ground up very finely. Next to the fine grit, imagine the water in your bowl, or the water in the goldfishes' pond, only a lot more of it, so much that you can't see the end of it, no matter how far you gaze.'
'Even if I climb up a hill?'
'There is a hill near this place, also covered with the fine grit. But even from there you can't see an end to the water. And I must mention that the water is making splashings, very large and wet splashings. So, with the fine grit blowing into your fur...'
'Splashings? Like when you notice me jumping into the sink? I don't like water in my furs. But if I kept far away from the splashings, I would enjoy rushing up and down the hill. Why didn't you tell me about this place before? When can we go?'