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Friday, August 28, 2015

Wild Thing

When night begins to fall, I feel a different spirit begin to come on me. This is my favourite time to go out. My other favourite time is when it is sunny outside on a cold day. Then I can climb up to a windowsill, or on top of the airconditioner unit and feel the sun warm my furs.
We went out this evening for a while. It was a bit of a nuisance taking Lynettea. She says she has to look after me. Ha Ha!!!
She looks up and down the street to check if any dogs are taking their humans out. Some humans are very dependant on their dogs. The dogs have to take them for walkies every day, or the  humans would get no exercise.
This evening I was just checking out the watertank next door when two dogs appeared. I quickly took Lynettea in and after the dogs had gone past we went out and saw them off down the street. The only dog Lynettea is not nervous of is Orla next door.
As we were chasing the  dogs, Lynettea said to me, 'Your tail is all bushed out like a fox, Sasha.'
Of course it was bushed out.
I am just about to have my nightly fur brushing before I go to bed.

Parsley for her dinner


Summer at said...

There are WAY too many dogs in our neighborhood (not to mention coyotes) for me to go walking in the evenings. If we go for walks, it is during the middle of the day, when most dog walking humans are working... except it's too hot right now for walks.

meowmeowmans said...

Nighttime is definitely our favorite for activity, too, Sasha. Those dogs sound a little crazy, so it's no wonder your tail got big. Orla, we know, is nice ... she was friends with Diamond, right?

Enjoy that fur brushing!

Hugs to you and Lynettea.

Sasha said...

thanks kitties at meowmeowmans and Summer. Orla thinks she is my friend, too. She remembers Diamond, her friend. We don't go very far, so I can run in again quickly. Lynettea says Diamond used to go further, but she doesn't think there were as many dogs around here then. The middle of the day is a good idea. I feel safer when it is darker and I can be more camouflaged.