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Monday, September 21, 2015

Magnificent Monday

It was a quiet day. Too quiet. I thought I was going to go out. And my pretty sky blue harness was all ready and I was miaouwing ready to go. Then for some reason we would never be able to know, Lynettea had to look at her email.
After lunch we went for walkies. I just missed Orla. I dashed forward, but by the time Lynettea had unlocked the side gate and I had dashed to the picket gate at the front porch, Orla had taken her human over the road and was vanishing into the distance. Lynettea was surprised I was so keen, as previously Orla (the Irish Dog from Next Door) has tried to make friends and I haven't been interested.
Orla out of sight, I pottered around a bit, sniffing at some of the piles of hard rubbish still resting on the footpath. People cruising past have removed the good items and real rubbish is left. Surely it is of use to someone. Nothing deserves to be totally crushed. Not even ancient hair-dryers. Lynettea's old hair-dryer is still poised on her old plastic garden chair, totally ignored. It still works, but it is so old, and she hasn't used it for so long, she decided to get rid of it. Maybe it is the world's oldest still working hair-dryer at around thirty plus years old.
We go in and I poke around among the bluebells. They are past their best. First piles of hail dumped on them and then a day of 24 C and now a cold day.
Like the weather I am changing my mind. Back inside for a refreshing sleep.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Selfies

I went for a short walk by myself today. What a fuss!
It wasn't my fault the  gate was open and it looked nice in the sunshine. I only went around the corner a few steps into the garden and came back in. After all, I had just taken Lynettea out for her walk. Then she insisted she had to pull out some parsley that was going to seed and made me go back in, so I could only look out the kitchen window at her working. I would prefer to be outside helping.
When she came back in, she forgot to shut the gate.
When she couldn't see me she started calling out, so I came back in.
Today we put out my garden chair for hard rubbish collection. It is going all powdery on the surface.
Fortunately, one of my friends, who was visiting, saw some good chairs over the road, so Lynettea collected those for me. Now I have a stack of three chairs instead of one. Maybe I will have some friends to visit. Later, Lynettea went for a walk and brought back a cushion from the next street. She couldn't see why it had been thrown out, as it is new and perfectly matches our furniture.
Overall then, it seems to have been one of the more fortunate days.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

understanding one another

Today when we went for a morning walk, Lynettea asked me not to hunt for lizards. We sat in the sunshine and then the shade and I checked out a few things and then Lynettea told me she wanted to go inside. She was surprised when I  immediately took her in.
'I sometimes think you understand more English than I realize, Sasha!' she said.
A pity she is not so good at understanding my commands.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Today I picked up a bee. Lynettea saw I had something and made me put it down and we went another way down the path. Later when we were in the same spot, I picked up the bee again gently and then dropped it. I think it was damaged.
Lynettea was not happy and we had to go inside. She gave me a big lecture about picking up bees and how dangerous it might be for me if the bee stung me. Then she put some of my favourite jelly food in my bowl. After I ate it I threw some up and Lynettea was really worried (she said) that the bee might have made me sick.
I didn't like to see her worried, but there wasn't much I could say. I feel fine.
I am now resting comfortably in my blue blankie on the sofa, after a game running around the house. I am grooming my furs with my tongue. Some ladies admired me from the other side of the street today. Lynettea thinks I could develop a fan club, like Diamond, if I were more confident about going out.
Here are some pictures of a few of my flowers, before the hail chopped holes in the leaves.


Crab-apple tree

My Nasturtiums

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I was at home alone when there were a lot of very loud banging noises overhead and noisy things falling on the roof. I left my usual sleeping place, as it did not feel safe. When Lynettea came home she told me it had been hailing and there were piles of ice outside. When the rain stopped, we went outside together so I could inspect the damage.
We didn't stay out long. A rather tough looking small dog was taking his human for a walk and started barking. I think barking at Orla next door. When the dog went past, I stood on my front step looking at it. It had good control over the human it was leading. It didn't see me. Then some humans came in next door and said, Oh is that hail! Amazing!'
Then we went in.

Monday, September 14, 2015

hunt for the lizard

I have found a spot in my garden where some lizards lurk. Lynettea doesn't like me catching lizards. So far I have caught two small lizard tails. I wasn't allowed to keep them, as Lynettea picked me up and took me back inside with her. Probably birds got the tails, I expect. I didn't see them again, although I have looked every day.
Lynettea said she felt sorry for the lizards running around with hardly any tail. It will take them a long time to grow replacement tails.
I don't feel sorry, though and I still look in the same spot.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

whose the cat

Why does she say to me, 'Whose my lovely cat?'
I look around. But I can't see any other cats. Maybe she is talking to the cat in the mirror. I haven't managed to find it in the wardrobe yet, although I have shuffled through a lot of the clothes.
She has been out all day and now she wants to ask me silly questions.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Angle

I am not really fat. It is just the angle.

Home Truths

'Are you trying to be a showoff type of cat?'
I was shocked when Lynettea said that to me. She pointed out that I had filled up the comments area on one of my recent posts with a lot of my own comments.
'I was just trying to be nice and reply to kitties,' I said.
'It is not a good look, Sasha,' she said.
I will need to think about that.

Friday, September 4, 2015

annoyed with her

I have been sitting on the bookcase swiping Lynettea with my paws. She had to protect herself with a cushion to go past. She asked me why I was in a bad mood. Perhaps it is the signs of spring in the air.
She said she doesn't know what to do to make me happy. I have climbed down now and am staring out the front window into the street. And I don't want the flashie in my eyes, thank you!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another restful day

I am getting spoilt with all these quiet restful days. Life is good. I went out for two walkies, so Lynettea could get her exercise. She went out on other walkies by herself. I worry about her being unsupervised, but she has to hunt in the supermarket and pet shop to get our foods.
Lynettea thinks we have too many photos and too many words for this blog hop. Oh well....
Our nasturtiums climbing the fence
The water tank next door. I like to inspect it when I go into the street

At rest

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

rainy day

I stayed inside today, luxuriating on the bed . I looked outside and it was raining, so after  a session of patting, I settled down for a sleep.
Lynettea woke me up with the flashie and showed me a photo she had just taken on the porch. Rain is all around. The plants and trees will be loving it and I can keep in the warm. We hope any kitties and other animals and humans looking for a dry warm place will find one.
And now it must  be time to eat.