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Monday, September 14, 2015

hunt for the lizard

I have found a spot in my garden where some lizards lurk. Lynettea doesn't like me catching lizards. So far I have caught two small lizard tails. I wasn't allowed to keep them, as Lynettea picked me up and took me back inside with her. Probably birds got the tails, I expect. I didn't see them again, although I have looked every day.
Lynettea said she felt sorry for the lizards running around with hardly any tail. It will take them a long time to grow replacement tails.
I don't feel sorry, though and I still look in the same spot.


Summer at said...

If the tails come off so easily, maybe they are meant to be cat treats!

Sasha said...

Yes. I think they must be treats for us. Lynettea says that she doesn't think that can be right. Sometimes she may be wrong about some things. I notice her deficiencies in many ways.