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Saturday, October 31, 2015

preparing to make a sad announcement

Here I am gathering myself together and trying to relax. For a young cat, I have heavy responsibilities. Shortly, I have a sad announcement to make on behalf of Diamond. As you all know, I have tried to take on his workload, but it is difficult to fill such

large footprints.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Author at Rest

Even I need a pause. Here I am captured in repose after a session working with my human on my computer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

why do humans and cats live together?

That is a good question. I think it is because cats have paws and sensitive noses and humans have hands. If cats had hands they couldn't run around fast doing all the things they need to do, such as guarding the house from vermins.
'Vermin, Sasha.'
She is always trying to 'correct' me. I thought there was more than one vermin.
And when they catch a vermin, they tear it with their sharp teethypegs.
What are hands useful for? Hands are good for opening packets of cat food.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stories from The Pond Fish

We had a sad event a few weeks ago. One of our family passed on. After that We Fish dived down into The Pond and did not come up, even to eat, for some days. On the night she finally went to the Rainbow Bridge, We stayed close to her, supporting her and touching her gently with our fins. Lynettea tried her best by putting a remedy into The Pond, but it was no good. She told us that she thought that the frequent sudden changes in temperature (even freezing hail falling into the pond on one day and 34C temperatures a couple of days later) had not been helpful.
Our pond was densely covered with vegetation, but a lot of it died back and the water became  muddy. She has made  water changes and put in chemicals to restore the balance and We think the water is more tasty now.

A couple of nights ago We had a nasty fright. The Pond Fountain started spurting water over the edge of The Pond and gradually drained it lower and lower. We thought Sasha might have alerted Lynettea, but he didn't come outside to check on Us, as he usually does. The water got very low and We could hardly swim. Then Lynettea appeared and switched off the pump.
It took hours to slowly raise the level of the water again, without making the temperature change too suddenly.
Lynettea wondered why Sasha had not alerted her, as he is usually diligent in looking after us.
Then she found he had wandered into the bathroom and been shut in. She has made sure the fountain is very low now. We rely on Dragon to pour his waterfall on us and we don't really need the fountain.

Fortunately we are all okay and, swimming in the fresh water, we feel invigorated.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Curled Up

Here I am, curled up after my walkies, on my blue blankie on the lounge.

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Let's Go!!!

I  want to go. I will go. You will go with me. My eyes are on you. Concentrate and listen. We are going for walkies. You need to take me for your exercise.
Only thing is, the bicycle laws are going to be changed so the bicycles will be coming down the footpath and might hit me. Footpaths are for feet and paws. Maybe they should be called pawpaths. They are not wheelpaths.
Bother! Lynettea is so busy listening to the discussion on the bicycle laws on the radio that she has stopped listening to me.
'Wait a minute, Sasha. You are so impatient. We will go in a minute.'

Friday, October 9, 2015

Twilight hunt abandoned

Owing to an unsympathetic and bossy human, my evening hunting program had to be abandoned. I wanted to play with some lizards, but Lynettea kept tugging me away before I could locate any.
My furs are growing back a llittle. Lynettea gave me a thorough wipe with special kitty wipes this morning, just in case I had any allergic reactions. I think it is supposed to stop her from allergic reactions, but humans are strange. She thought it might help me.

I am resting on the lounge after a bit of a game (too short) with my new toy and Lynettea. She was out all day, so she owes me more than that.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Am I a wizard?

I miaouw and plates of  food magically appear. Does that mean I  am  a wizard?
'I put those plates there, Sasha.'
I hear a voice.
'Yes. It is me. Lynettea'
Oh devoted slave. Now take me for walkies. Miaouwwww. I adopt the miaouw of command. It isn't working. She is tapping on the computer.
'I think your bare patches may be starting to improve, Sasha. You don't seem to be scratching at them.'
Now let us go out!

Restful Night

Last night was cooler, but still warm in the house. I had a restful sleep on my freshly washed blue blankie. Lynettea had put it away when the weather was so hot at the weekend, but she thought it might be cosy for me. She is still staring at me to see if I am scratching. So far, I haven't had any more squirts of the fur calming spray.
We might even go out. Otherwise I could fall into a depression.
I am looking out the window. Can't see much activity in the garden.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I have more holes in my furs. I spent yesterday and today mostly in the wardrobe. Yesterday I got locked in by accident and today I chose to sleep there, so Lynettea left the door partly open for me so I could get out. She was not pleased to see that after all her efforts at putting the nasty tasting liquid on my furs, I had licked and scratched more holes. She said that I shouldn't scratch my furs with my back legs.
Today she brought home something from the pet shop in town to spray on me. She knows I have a phobia about being squirted, because she tries to 'train me' not to jump in the sink. I am a total training failure, but she has kept trying.
She forgot that and tried to squirt me with the spray can. I jumped away and some of the squirty stuff got in my eyes. Not much, thankfully. Then I tried to avoid it, but she surprised me on the bed and suddenly squirted my back. I leaped off and rushed down the hallway. Then she put the can on the floor and asked me to have a  look at it while she gave me a short talk on its benefits. The spray is supposed to stop my furs being tickly, so I won't scratch them.
Earlier she washed all the nasty tasting stuff off with a special wipe for furs. That part was nice.
If the bare parts don't go, I may have to go back to My Vet.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Resting comfortably

Here I am, resting comfortably on the bed and not scratching my shoulder. I wonder if Lynettea will leave me here when she goes out? She doesn't like leaving the bed unmade.
I didn't even stir when she used the flashie.
I am listening to the gardening program. But it will be hot today. Nice and cool here...

Friday, October 2, 2015

sore on my shoulder

I have a sore on the shoulder and had to go to My Vet in a taxi this afternoon. Lynettea said she couldn't believe how good I was. My Vet, Dr Andrew, said I am a good cat. I sat quietly while he examined me and then gave me two injections and rubbed lotion on my shoulder. Lynettea says she hopes it will work. I also let him trim all my claws without lashing out. Then I had to crouch in my cage under a rug so the noisy dogs in the waiting room couldn't see me. I heard someone saying that was how a beagle barked. It sounded very scary. We had to wait a long time for a taxi coming back, but at last we were home.
Then I found out the lotion on my shoulder tasted terrible and Lynettea keeps telling me not to scratch with my hind paws.
I feel thoroughly irritated and miserable.
But I did eat my dinner and had a lot of cuddles. I couldn't concentrate very well on playing a game.