Curled Up

Here I am, curled up after my walkies, on my blue blankie on the lounge.

The Cat On My Head is hosting this Sunday Selfie Blog Hop 


You must have had a good walk, Sasha.
Sasha said…
I am still curled up. I like to be in the room quietly with Lynettea and she has been working on the computer for ages.
You look so cute curled up like that.
Lone Star Cats said…
Ya look cute all curled up!
That's a lovely curled up selfie, Sasha :) Pawkisses :) <3
meowmeowmans said…
That must have been some walk, Sasha! You look like a prawn curled up like that! :)
Unknown said…
Cute little Sasha! Walk and see the sun shine, don’t curled up.

xoxo, Marie@ Follyfoot Cattery

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