am I useless?

I sit around or lie around while she does the housework and hunts in the supermarket for our foods. Am I useless?
Yesterday I sat for a while in the garden under the crab apple tree. This is a nice place to sit, as it is in the corner of the garden near the fence and it has sheltered, shady and soft places to sit, where one cannot be seen.
I stayed there for a long time, resting and even drowsing.
Then Lynettea came out calling for me. Apparently I am not supposed to go out there by myself. That shows how much notice she was taking of me. Then she decided to put my halter on and said she would sit out in the garden with me.
I ask you!
I decided to go in and headed straight for my snacks. As you may have gathered, I was locked out.
We had an inspection walk in the evening down the street. A dog came past and I gazed at it through my picket gate.
Its human said the dog was frightened of cats. It was cringing when it saw me, although I am not at all intimidating.
In fact I am a gentle and loving cat.


Better to have a dog scared of you than one who wants to eat you!
Kari said…
Useless? Never! It is a cat's job to be a cat! And you are doing that splendidly.
meowmeowmans said…
You are definitely NOT useless, Sasha! Everybody wants to be a cat, and you are doing a fine job of setting a good example. :)
Cats can never be useless!
Humans need us.
We help them relax and lower their blood pressure.
Our being around them makes them feel calm.
THEY would be useless without us!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

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