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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Under the bed in the heatwave

Lynettea just went out into the garden to throw some water over the lettuce and other plants They have been watered this morning, but some are cringing in the hot air. It is 42C outside at 3 pm. That is 107.6 F, for those who use that temperature system. The next two days are forecast the same and yesterday was not much different.
Tourists are being warned at the airport about the extreme conditions, we heard on the news. They will need to stay in air conditioned places like the art gallery and museum or shops etc. or drive around in air conditioned buses and taxis.
Lynettea told me she is going to walk to her exercises class shortly. I hope she manages to get there and back. Otherwise who will feed me and look after my wants and needs?
I am going to stay in my cosy under the bed. One of Lynettea's friends was here earlier, so I retired.  They tried to see me by shining the torch under the bed, and the friend could see my eyes sparkling from the darkness. I didn't feel like coming out. Maybe when might comes?
Here I am trying to get warm in a beam of sunshine. It must have been winter.


Summer at said...

That sounds like an awful heat wave!

Sasha said...

Lynettea got back safely. Now I can relax.