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She Talks to Lizards

My habits


Waiting for the thunderstorm

Shut in the Wardrobe: was it an accident?

Rain through the holes the hail made in my roof

Listening to which music?

Thunder weather

But I decided to come in

40 C degree Christmas

Seasons Greetings

In Hiding

Thoughts on Travelling

Back home

Called home urgently

Will Sasha be home again?

News about Sasha from the Fish

A Report on Sasha

Where am I

I am not in this basket

In happier times

some news from The Fish

another telepathic message

message beamed telepathically


My things vanishing

Something is going on

Me relaxing

Getting used to the technology

Relaxing after walkies

Sleeping on the Bed

My enclosure restyled


I went under the bed

Waiting for?

There was a kitty, but he didn't come out

Patriotic Cat

Executive decision

Sasha in Action

Do my ears really look like that?

No further mention of holiday camp

Holiday Camp

What is my Role?

I could smell chicken but I didn't get any

A Cat's View of Love

Our Skype Conference

Strange ideas of humans

Hailstorm damages my outside enclosure roof


I am hungry

Miaouw of Command

I could be a champion


Wherever you are is best

Diamond reins

What a day

Communication skills

Cat of the House

On guard all night

Mummy's Gorgeous Little Sasha