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Thursday, March 31, 2016

More grass arrived

Lynettea ordered more grass for me and it arrived yesterday. Now the loungeroom has two pieces of grass, so most of the floor is covered. It is a bit stinky, so Lynettea left the window open all night for the room to air. We have bars on the window and mesh, so it is safe for me. I like to look out at the street at night anyway. It is quieter then, as the cars mostly rush by in the daytime.
Now we have a new cover on the lounge, as Lynettea thinks it looks smarter. Personally I liked the old cover, which draped over the floor and I could hide under the edges.
As Lynettea knew it would affect me, she decided to cut up the previous cover of artificial fur and make pieces I could use. I have them draped over my bed on the eiderdown and as shawls around it. Lynettea says it makes me look like a Hollywood starlet resting on the blond fur. I am not sure it that is insulting.

Princess Aurora emailed me that she has a special post today and has worked for ages sorting out what to do with the images. It is probably hopeless, but since I am their Guardian and have the responsibility for their education, I am putting in a link for her.
Princess Aurora's post

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Looking In

Lynettea was surprised this morning to see me looking in the bedroom window, just as she was about to lock up and go to the bus stop. I had jumped on the green bin to look in. She went out the back and called me, so I came in through the gate of my enclosure.
She had accidentally left the door to the outside open, when she put some washing on the clothesline. I didn't want to stay out anyway.
She said, 'Sasha, it is dangerous for you to be out there, without me to look after you!'
What a surprise and how curious she should think that. I am always looking after her and now she thinks I am not capable?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Selfie

I have recently adopted a new bed. It is in the loungeroom for me at  night  and  on  the  bed  during  the  day. It is Lynettea's folded eiderdown with a pure wool cat duna on top and covered with a sheet. Very cosy! And it is designed to give my body full support in any position. I haven't tried all the positions  yet. And just because it is Easter, I didn't want to have eggs all around me and be stuck in a frame.
This is a blog  hop from the Cat on my Head

Saturday, March 26, 2016

the fishes blog

I am pleased, as their Guardian, that the fish are getting out and about on the internet. I like to think that my efforts have encouraged them. I have wondered if they might resent my being able to walk around and explore far beyond the pond, but I have never liked water on me and I think they don't like to feel air around them. We are all different. What nourishes one is poison to another.

Friday, March 25, 2016

The fish have swum into the Internet

Princess Aurora told me today, in between snatching up mouthfuls of her special 'NOT FOR CATS' food, that she had established her own website.
She said you have to go to the Blog section to look at her stream of consciousness. I am not sure whether it is worth looking at, but as I am their Guardian, I put the link in my Friends of Other Species list for her.
Judging by their usual standard of conversation, it is hardly worth taking a look at.

She told me that she was fed up with the lack of opportunity to post on my blog. I had promised that I would let them have a turn, but it turned out that was very infrequent. I think she will also run into my difficulties: the human does not let us post when we want. She is too busy with her own projects.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Have you noticed

When you are sitting  next to your human at night, on the  sofa  watching  TV, they like to have  some  part  of  your  furs  touching  them. I think it makes them feel more  confident.

I did come out late in the afternoon

Here I am with my outside grass. Then we went walkies until I decided to come in for my dinner. I don't think she should keep telling  me what premium quality food I am getting.

why are you under the bed, Sasha?

Because Lynettea sleeps in the bedroom  at night and  I can't  get  in  to  my  favourite  place, after  breakfast  I  scramble  under  the bed to  my  cosy  and  sleep  there  safe  and  sound  all  day.
'If I  show  you  some  photos, will  you come  out, Sasha?
I have some  photos  from  the  Zoo.'

Brazilian Tapir

Turtle in the Botanic Gardens

Thursday, March 10, 2016

curled up

I spent yesterday  curled up in my cosy under the bed and today I am planning to do the same. I don't really plan ahead a lot. Do other Kitties find that? Lynettea says I leave all the worrying  about life to her. That isn't true. I get very nervous on occasions and have my refuges thought  out, just in case ...
She spent some time shining  the  torch under  the bed to locate  me. Then she sat on the bed and apologized for some of her bad behaviors. Like letting other people come into my house  and even one person stared at me yesterday, shining the torch into my cosy.
She said she was looking forward to me coming out eventually and how she loved to cuddle me. But it was okay to stay under the bed if I want.
I may go to sleep now.

Monday, March 7, 2016

a big surprise

It has been a busy time for us. Lynettea hasn't  had  time  to  help  me post  anything  on  my  blog. Last  week  a giant  parcel  arrived  for  me. Lynettea  wasn't  at  home  and  the  delivery  person  left  it  at  the  side  of  the  house.
When  she  managed  to  unwrap  it  late  in  the  day, we found  more  grass. It smelt strong, so Lynettea  draped  it  over  some  chairs  and  it  has  been  outside  airing  ever  since.
Yesterday she unrolled  a big  strip  and  cut  off  a piece. So I have two grass sections  like a corner and the small piece over my table  with  my cane  cosy.
Today the other roll came inside and went on the floor. Here I am lying on it.