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Friday, March 25, 2016

The fish have swum into the Internet

Princess Aurora told me today, in between snatching up mouthfuls of her special 'NOT FOR CATS' food, that she had established her own website.
She said you have to go to the Blog section to look at her stream of consciousness. I am not sure whether it is worth looking at, but as I am their Guardian, I put the link in my Friends of Other Species list for her.
Judging by their usual standard of conversation, it is hardly worth taking a look at.

She told me that she was fed up with the lack of opportunity to post on my blog. I had promised that I would let them have a turn, but it turned out that was very infrequent. I think she will also run into my difficulties: the human does not let us post when we want. She is too busy with her own projects.


Summer at said...

I popped over and checked out their blog, Sasha,... seems you don't get much respect!

meowmeowmans said...

We will go and check out the Princess Aurora's blog. Thanks for letting us know, Sasha!