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Friday, April 29, 2016

a game?

'You had a good game, Sasha!'
'What game?'
'When you were chasing the  little  dot  of  light  that  was  running  over  the  wall.'
'Was that a game? I was protecting the house!!'
'Oh thank you Sasha. I was afraid the little dot monsters might break through and do some damage to us. Your clever cat paws drove them off!'
'And why were you waving your arms around in the air? Were you trying to weave a magic spell?'
'I was just trying to urge you on, Sasha. You were such a noble warrior jabbing at the dot monsters and chasing  them across  the wall.'

I had a funny feeling after this conversation that I was missing out on something. But to concentrate  on more important things, the sun will be setting soon. We need to go for walkies. And where  is my dinner?


Lone Star Cats said...

Of course you were protecting da house.

Summer at said...

Humans always think Serious Kitty Business is a game. Very odd of them.