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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

'But we will have a few words. I have a complaint. I am not always treated like a proper person.'
Lynettea: 'Whatever do you mean by that, Sasha?'
'Sometimes when your friends come, you treat me as if I were a furry object!'
'That is hardly fair, Sasha. They are forced to sit  on the lounge without disrupting your bed. Which makes it rather squashed. And they are always asking  after you.'
'But I can hear you speaking about me in a patronizing tone and they all laugh.'
'I am very sorry, Sasha. I will try to make sure that never happens again.'

Friday, May 20, 2016

Exercise program

On Tuesday evening we watched a program on TV called Catalyst.
 Usually these TV programs are not very interesting. They rarely have any cats, even as bit parts. This program was about exercise and confirmed some of my own opinions, based on my experience as a feline. Short intense bursts of exercise are as good (or maybe better) than long sessions of exercise of less intensity. Apparently one only needs six minutes a week of these exercises to become really fit.
Even that six minutes might only be partly filled with the intense exercise, which could be as little as three minutes or less, in 30 second bursts.
We cats already know about this, which is why we spend most of our time lounging. Lounging has not hurt my muscles and I have grown both big and very strong.
My exercise program consists of running up and down the corridor at high speed and leaping up on shelves, including my high walkways outside and bookcases and everything you can think of both inside and outside the house.
Sometimes I leap at the fence when I take Lynettea for walkies. She doesn't like that, but she has been trained to support me while I look over the top of the fence at next door's yard.
After watching Catalyst, I decided I would add to my exercise program with a spot of sink jumping before and after meals. This is a vigorous activity and keeps us quite busy, as Lynettea has to run to the tap and try to splash me before I leap off. I don't usually get water on me, as I am alert. The sink is warm to sit in after the hot tap has been running and I find it pleasant on these cool evenings. It would be nicer if I was able to stay in there for longer.

My Photoshoot

I had a Photoshoot for Lynettea's Nature Photo project. She decided I  would  be  as  natural  as Orla.
I was able to show my different expressions in some portraits. Some are in a contemplative mood. In others I show my usual extreme alertness. Lynettea says that was  when  a dove was tip tapping over the perspex roof.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Orla in Nature Photos?

I was sleeping in my cardboard carton, between two chairs in the loungeroom, when I heard a snuffling noise at the front  door. Immediately suspicious and on full alert, I sprang up. Then to my amazement, I could hear Lynettea's voice. She was asking Orla's mother if she would give  Lynettea permission to take a photoshoot of Orla to put on her Nature Photo ten day challenge on Facebook.
Orla in a nature photo challenge? Nobody mentioned a challenge to me. Why was I not asked? I am as natural as Orla.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

My terrible ordeal

Yesterday was a nightmare. I had received a letter  from my Veterinarian  requesting me to attend for a checkup and vaccinations. I knew the letter was genuine, as it was addressed to me personally and asked me to let Lynettea, curiously referred to as my 'owner', know if I had any health issues. I considered the invitation and decided not to accept this year, as I feel fighting fit.
Lynettea thought otherwise. She rang and made an appointment and booked a taxi for us. She knows I hate taxis.
I decided not to go and she was mortified. I almost felt sorry for her. She had to ring up the Vet clinic and tell them I wouldn't get  into  the  pet  transport  module. Then she had to cancel the taxi. The Vet receptionist laughed and told her to bring me in when she got me in the cage.
Later on I was conned into the front part of  the house and Lynettea shut all the doors. She still  couldn't get me into the cage, as my legs  are extensible in all directions  and they kept sticking  out. Then our neighbour, Orla's Mum, came to the door and agreed to help, when she saw I would not go into the cage.
She picked me up when I wasn't expecting and dropped me in and then Lynettea shut the cage top.
The taxi was not too bad and the Vet, although examining me in an intrusive manner, was reasonably gentle. I stayed with most of me under a big bath towel most of the time. He had to feel around to locate bits of me. He located my paws and trimmed back my nails, which I did not appreciate.
After that we had to wait for a taxi and it didn't come. We sat for two hours waiting until the Vet nurses shut the surgery. One of them drove us home. Otherwise we would have had to stay there all night, cold and hungry.
Today I am resting.
Lynettea says she is feeling tired, but thankful I have had my vaccinations for  this year.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Alert and Intelligent

Do I like like a typical Art Gallery Curator showing off one of his exhibits?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

me in my new box

I am at last trying the special box that I unpacked several days ago. Lynettea put some rugs in it and hid it between two chairs.
Lynettea couldn't find me when she got back from hunting in the supermarket. She looked in the wardrobe and in all my usual places. It is windy and cold, so I wasn't  outside. I stayed quiet. I need my rest. But at last she disturbed me and I  got up for a short game then went back to snuggle down.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

I was lying in my cosy this evening thinking about my real mother, when Lynettea gave me a cuddlie. Then I forgot about my real mother for a while. I hope that was not a bad thing.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

I just ate a fly for my appetiser

After I practised chasing a fly all around the house a couple of days ago, I found it easy to catch a fly when we went for our walkies just now. Maybe they are slower outside because it is a little bit colder.
Lynettea said, 'Ugh, Sasha! What have you got? You aren't eating that are you? '
But it was too late for her to see anything.
I am not too worried about her remarks on my taste in food. In fact I took no notice at all.
We went into the street, but a neighbour soon came walking past on the opposite footpath with a medium sized dog. He waved at Lynettea and held on to the dog, which was straining towards me on its lead. Maybe it wanted to make friends, but you can never know for certain.
I decided to take Lynettea inside the yard again and we had a look to see if there were any more flies, but there weren't.

Friday, May 6, 2016


One of my favourite jobs as Lynettea's chief helper is unpacking parcels.
This is exciting, as I  don't know what may be inside.
It is usually not for me in particular, but I love getting the scent of different and new things and there may be bits of packing to push around or a nice new box to jump in and out.
I have a little cave under my bus seat made from a box that came in the post.
Well, let us see what the postman has brought!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sleeping in

Lynettea said to me, 'It is after lunch and there you are, Sasha, still lounging around  in  the  middle  of  your  fur rugs.'
Two things come to mind.
Whose lunch?
And I recall that I got up early and waited for a long time for breakfast. I don't count that pile of dental crisps breakfast and I had eaten two thirds  of  those  in  any  case. After all that waiting around I felt tired and needed a rest.

You can see my velvet house in the corner of the photo. I am not using it and I am not sure why it is there. I haven't seen it for many months. Lynettea says it was hiding in the top cupboard. 
She got it down with a long pole.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We can read this together

First cold night

We are sitting watching TV, wrapped in a blanket together.

Lynettea says if she could understand what I say she could do more what I want. 
She was brushing me, then stopped and put the brush down. 
I put my paw out to touch it and then she brushed me some more. That was nice.
Maybe she will learn.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Why is it okay for her to interrupt my snoozing when I am lying in my cosy next to her, but not okay for me to tap her face when she is sleeping at night?
She likes  to cuddle me when I am near her, she says. Is that a good reason?
I like to tap her, but apparently that is not a good enough reason.