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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Outside in the Cold

Not in either of my cosies in the warm, I have gone outside for some peace and quiet. The young lady who cleans our house once a month came this morning.
Lynettea was surprised, as she thought she wasn't coming and my things were all over the floor, making it very untidy (according to Lynettea).
She quickly packed away my big and little tunnels, my horizontal scratchers and my fluffy toys on coils of wire ( I like to slap them as I walk past) and my new cosy. Everything looks bare and alien.
I checked out the cleaner's rucksack for scents and then went outside. Normally I like to supervise her, so Lynettea was surprised.
She said, 'Where has Sasha gone?'
But the laundry floor was all wet, so she couldn't go outside to find me.

But it was too cold. So I came in again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It was warm in there

I tried  out my new cosy while Lynettea was out. Just so she doesn't get the idea that I might be getting soft I  waited until she was cleaning the house and then gave her a warning swipe with my paw on her head from the top of the bookcase in the hallway.
She decided to tickle me all over with the fluffy duster on a stick.
I am not sure if I like that. It felt too controlling. So I  jumped down and played with one of the paper bags that she brought home with shopping.
Me in the cosy  ♡♡♡♡   

Monday, June 27, 2016

suspicious moves!

As a postscript to my entry for the morning, about half way through the day, after I had woken up properly and was taking a bit of a snack in the kitchen, Lynettea suddenly got down THE CAGE from where it lives high up on a shelf in the laundry.
'Not to worry, Sasha,' she said. 'I am looking for one of your cosy little wool rugs from the RSPCA to put into the new cosy I bought for you yesterday. You remember the new cosy, Sasha? I thought it might encourage you to try it.'
I bolted straight out of my cat door into my enclosure. She may not remember our TRIP TO THE VET, but I  do.
Later, when I came in, she was tapping away at the computer, without a care in the world.
'Not now, Sasha,' she said. It is always 'not now'. She must take me out now, before it is dark!
I am using the Voice of Command: 'Take me out. Shut down the computer.'

Forgetting about the dropping incident?

Should I get used to being ordered about? Should I forget bad behaviour? She dropped the cosy when she was carrying me in it. That could have been excusable after I  accidentally caught my claw in her thumb, but with more determination she could have held on to the cosy and stopped me falling.

this was me on a sunnier day.
I get the down draft from the heating here in my cosy on the lounge and it is my size, so I can curl around in comfort.

I sprang in and out of the new cosy on the floor a couple of times yesterday. It was quite entertaining going into it with Lynettea in front, watching anxiously. I then turned around a few times, inspecting it and then sprang out of the opening rapidly.

Since then I have ignored it. Ah well! Settling down for the day's nap . . .

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bad Move

I was so excited to see the gift that came home from the pet barn with Lynettea that I jumped right inside. She tried to get me out by turning it upside  down, but I hung on. My claws have grown out again now, as it is a few weeks since my trip to the vet torture clinic, where they hacked them off.
Then she decided to turn it upright again to carry it down the hall, with me still inside. I thought this might be fun. I reached out to get a bit of  a  grip  on  Lynettea and she shrieked  out and dropped the new cosy with  me in it.
Fortunately I did not have far to fall and  I  was  quite  okay.
Lynettea  said, 'Bad Sasha. Look what you have done.'
It was only a tiny bit of blood. You would wonder at the lack of resilence in humans. We cats know it is better not to complain. Remain alert and wary, is my motto.
After some time in the bedroom  putting antiseptic and  a  band aid  on her thumb, she was ready to put my new cosy in its correct position.
I am showing her I am not offended by tramping over her and purring.
Although I  really  do  object  to  loud  noises and screeching.

I am not sure whether I will use it now. I associate  it with unpleasant loud noise and perhaps that has ruined it for me. I am quite comfortable  on the lounge.
Oh. You had to walk several kilometers to bring it home in your shopping trolley? Why that  should  matter I  do  not  know.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Winter Excitement

Lynettea says I am just trying to attract attention by my heading.  Can you see me in my basket? 
I am guarding the washing machine in case any clothes wish to escape. Personally, I hate bathing and the thought of being tumbled around in the dark in a machine, while being drenched with water is terrifying. Lynettea says I am being silly, as clothes do not have feelings and cannot be frightened. How does she know?
A few days ago, I was sitting in a little spray of sunshine on my wool mat on top of a chair in my play area. The wool was warm and comfortable and the sunshine on my furs was making me drowsy. You can see my eyes have half closed . . .
Now I am trying not to go out into the cold.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cold and rainy

and I am in my basket on the washing machine. Lynettea has been so busy for ages that I am not getting many posts on my blog and the fish tell me they are getting no posts. They feel that they are even lower down the hierarchy than me.
Lynettea says the website she has been building is now launched and you can see it here.
There are some lovely views of Australian landscapes at the top and Diamond would have been pleased as there are lots of haiku and news about haiku.

I haven't been too good about practising haiku writing, even though I have looked at our instruction pages a few times.

bathroom mirror
rainbows of sunlight
touch the kitten's fur

Lynettea sometimes says there are rainbows in my fur. I think the kitten is doing a bit of practice washbasin jumping. That appeals to me. 
I sat on the side of the sink in the kitchen a while ago and Lynettea just stared at me. I was quite worried. Then we went into the lounge-room and had a cuddly. I sat on her lap for a while and kept her warm.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cold Winter Days

I don't think this is flattering. It has a Grunge Frame, which does not really suit me and why am I that strange sepia wash colour?
Photo frame from BeFunky
Blog Hop Caturday Art from Athena, Cat Goddess (how appropriate)

Cold: the leaves are falling

I am not so keen on going out in the wind and cold. I never go out in the rain.
     When it is sunny, I lounge on my bus seat in my enclosure, as the winter sunlight reaches in there and falls on top of me. Or I lie on my north facing high shelf, which is a bit closer to the sun.       Sometimes at night, Lynettea finds me outside, enjoying the crisp air while gazing around.
     Last night, when I rushed in, she said, 'Why is your tail all bristled out, Sasha? Did another cat frighten you?'
     As if I would be frightened! I saw another cat off, down the side of the house. When it saw my huge size, it ran away.      I can't get out of the pergola area (my play area), but that doesn't stop other cats sometimes running along the fence, or the path at the side of the house. I tried to look out of the kitchen windows, but they were pulled right down.
     'It is too cold to open the windows, Sasha,' said Lynettea. 'Come and have a snuggle on the lounge.'
     After that we had a game with one of my toys on a wand, with me bolting around on the artificial grass. I dart out of my tunnel to surprise it and sometimes rush through my small velvet tunnel.
     Lynettea thinks it is very funny and can't stop laughing. Humans have a strange sense of humour.
     But then she went back and tapped tapped on the computer for a  long time before giving me a brush  in preparation for bed-time. It settles her down to brush my coat, so she often brushes me before she goes to bed. I sit on her knees and put my paws up to her chest to keep her warm.
     Today has been cold and I am already in my cosy, dreaming.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Whose the Pretty Cat?

'Who is my bestest little friend? Who has the prettiest fur? Who is the most darlingest kitty in the world? Do you like a cuddlie? What about a scritch behind the ears?'

Then we find I am still 'only a cat', eating my food from my bowls on the floor, forbidden to jump on the sink, unable to even sniff at human food, unless I  am quick. Words that do not match actions. Where is the equality for cats?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Winter Warmer

Here I am, on my Snugglesafe warmer, wrapped in a hand knitted scarf from a friend. It doesn't matter if it is raining outside.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Further news

Leaving me with the radio 'companion' and going out without an umbrella or a raincoat was not a good idea. Lynettea said to me before going that it wasn't going to rain. She looked out the window and saw a cloud, but then she checked her mobile phone and the forecast said 'possible shower' at 3 pm. So she thought she would easily be home by then.
She told me she wanted to buy some new little cos lettuce to put in her planter, as she ate the last one for lunch.
When she got home she was wet over most of her and her shoes were partly wet, as she had stepped in a puddle. She didn't have any cos lettuce, as there weren't any little green ones at the nursery. She said that she had plenty of time to look at all the indoor plants and pots while the rain beat down for an hour. Then she decided to put her things in a plastic bag and hurry home. The plastic bag was supposed to be for the cos lettuce. It is still raining a bit and the temperature has gone down. Lynettea put on the heaters to dry herself off, but now she tells me she is going to put on her raincoat and go to her exercise class.
Humans are really strange. I am snuggling up in my basket on the washing machine.


She said, I am going out now, Sasha, but don't worry. You can have the radio on for a companion.'
I just stared at her. Since when has the radio cuddled me, fed me, or played with me?
Or am I missing something here? Have there been recent robotic developments? No. The radio looks the same. I will find a place to snuggle up.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I always seem to be called on to supervise. Today we had a visit from a lady who cleans the house once a month. This is an exciting time for me, as I need to patrol many areas in a short space of time. This lady is very nice and quiet and I like her. I might even let her pat me one day. So far, I am just looking.
I took Lynettea out for a short walkies, but we had to come in fairly quickly so I could make sure nothing was going wrong inside my house. I like to make sure. Lynettea was very disappointed when I refused to take her out yesterday evening, so I made up for it this morning.