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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cold and rainy

and I am in my basket on the washing machine. Lynettea has been so busy for ages that I am not getting many posts on my blog and the fish tell me they are getting no posts. They feel that they are even lower down the hierarchy than me.
Lynettea says the website she has been building is now launched and you can see it here.
There are some lovely views of Australian landscapes at the top and Diamond would have been pleased as there are lots of haiku and news about haiku.

I haven't been too good about practising haiku writing, even though I have looked at our instruction pages a few times.

bathroom mirror
rainbows of sunlight
touch the kitten's fur

Lynettea sometimes says there are rainbows in my fur. I think the kitten is doing a bit of practice washbasin jumping. That appeals to me. 
I sat on the side of the sink in the kitchen a while ago and Lynettea just stared at me. I was quite worried. Then we went into the lounge-room and had a cuddly. I sat on her lap for a while and kept her warm.


Summer at said...

I am not surprised you have rainbows in your fur, Diamond. I have glitter in mine!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

You are beautiful, I am sure you have rainbows in your fur. I will check out the new website.